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Being Nude

Being naked at home

Posted by Waiting for Godot on 2008-11-05 05:33:38


Posted by kool_joe on 2008-11-10 16:32:49


I like to go naked too. I strip when I get home from school and do my homewwork naked, I usually need to jo before I finish. The rule is anything you like in your room, at least underwear anywhere else and normally proper clothes downstairs. But when parents are out I can (and do) go where I please (eveywhere where Im not allowed to go naked.) I've even laid on the sofa in the family room and watched TV That was cool, That was fun. Being naked? Agree with you, Bryce. Awesome!

Kool Joe

Posted by kool_joe on 2008-11-13 16:19:43


I think i'd get away with dashing to the kitchen to get a sncak in my underwear, but I'm not really supposed come downstars in just underwear. Maybe easier for you j having just one floor.

Funny isn;t it, that stuff which is only moderate fun, like lying on a sofa naked becomes a lot of fun if you are not allowed to do it. You know, if it was allowed it wouldn't be much of a thrill. Why do you think so many fun things are not allowed Have you ever asked Mom why you can't go naked. My Dad said when I had my own house I could do what I wanted, but until then I kept to his rules. And he spanked me because he thought I was getting sassy. I was 12.

You like going naked. right? Would you open the front door naked? I once had to jerk in front of my friends when I refused a dare to open the door to the pizza delivey man naked. Would you have done it?

Kool Joe

Posted by Bare_Mark on 2008-11-15 15:47:37

i'm naked in my room pretty much anytime i want. My brother is too. if i go to the kitchen and just get something and go back to my room, i don't put on underwear, but if i'm gonna be in the family room for a while, i do. But sometimes, i might go the kitchen, and end up being out longer than i figured. my dad is ok with me and my brother being nude. my mom fusses about it but it doesnt really stop us.

if my sister has friends over, i put on underwear.


Posted by Seth-Jr on 2008-11-15 16:49:54


I am 14 too and I got a brother that is 11 and a sister that is 12. The computer is in my room so we all hang out here and usually my brother and I are pretty much always nude in here and Sissy don't seem to care and she likes to see us bone up and she makes all kinds of comments. She has only gotten naked a few times since she started getting boobs and hair but that is ok. Mom knows that we are naked together and she don't say anything. She don't have a problem with us walking around the house nude as long as there is nobody else there. Some of our friends come over and they get naked too sometimes and Sissy loves that. She gets to see other guys stuff and then she talks about them after they go home. Before anyone asks about it we don't do anything wrong with each other but my brother and I jo sometimes in front of her and she likes to see what happens. She has fun comparing us because we look sorta different. Our dad left when we were little so it is just the 4 of us and mom is pretty good with us. We have never been shy around her and she sees us boned up a lot but never says nothing.