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Too old to spank?

My oldest brother got a spanking

Posted by bill3b on 2007-07-27 23:45:21

this is what happened to my older brother who is 17 years old. He dad's car out without permission. Drove with a restrictive driver's lic's, that doesn't allow passengers ecept his immediate family, was in an accident and was found that he was drinking beer.

Dad had to pay thousands of dollars to fix the car, pay off the major fine for his son. My brother told me that dad gave him a bare bottom whipping in the garage and since he lost his driver's lic. he can not drive anymore. My brother has to wear short-short pants all the time, except when he goes to school. This has confided him mostly at home, since he feels so embarrased to go anywhere in those short-shorts. Dad has told me that my brother has to mind me and do whatever I tell him to do, since he is now a little boy in short pants. He told my brother if he doesn't improve his attitude, he will allow me to spank him.

Posted by JONGEN on 2009-03-03 02:49:55

yea i got short shorts to i make em from old jeans cause the shorts they sell are to baggy and long