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Testicle Injury

Kelly says how it is, the truth and self defense

Posted by KELLYCAT on 2006-07-07 15:17:14

Yes in my youthfull years I was full of youth and viniger. Like most girls I was thrilled with the fact that I did not have balls, but upset that I had periods. Like most boys you have no idea what it is to bleed when you are so young, to be chased around the block by boys who are faster, bigger and stronger then you. Having four brothers made matters worse. Often my only real sex education was on the internet, where I learned the real difference between the sexes.

Therefore I believe that I am the perfect one to teach boys and girls self defense. There is no way that one could teach children under the age of 10, or under the age of puberty self defense, in both boy girl classes. Teachers in the early grades often pit the boys against the girls (except when the girls win and boys lose in spelling etc) then mix teams of both sexes go against one another.

In teaching girls, knowing their advantage, I do mention that the part of fatherhood is in their external anatomony. How strange that me who is accused as the eternal (ballbuster) is actually telling girls not to use their natural advantage, that to give guys a break. That to hit a brother in the balls is crewl and should not be done, never to hit a boy in the groin, especially when a girl is losing in sports. We even go over groin and breast protection for young girls playing sports, and cups for guys. But if and when the need be, a girl should use her natural advantage of no balls when ever necessary.

I will not and dare not teach a 120 pound boy who is almost twice the size of a of a 80 pound girl, that he can injure a girl in the groin or breasts. For a male of that size, he does not have to hit a girl in her privates, just a hit anywhere will crush her, and make her cry. Therefore it is my right, as a female, to protect my girls whenever I can and always tell the truth. I do however tell the boys that a girls natural reaction is to hit them in the balls, only because girls are different, and their girly parts are located inside. Wait the story gets better. I will be teaching sex education and self defense to young teenage girls. By that time it is hoped that young girls will get over their favorit sport of hitting boys in the testicles (Just like I and most girls did), and now that I can explain that I got over it. And like you suggest I will tell these young girls the weakness that males have in the fact that their organs of generation are located outside the body, not internal like ours, and that they should only harm a boy and his nuts in an emergency. I hope that this answers all your questions.

Should I add that the sexes are not equal. Boys are bigger and girls do have periods. Girls get pregnant, boys do not. Women live seven years longer, men die younger. But even though boys have a slower start, they do eventually equal and sometime pass girls in inteligence. So in that sence the sexes are equal.

Posted by ldt on 2006-07-09 11:47:55

WOW! I need to KEEP my mental health. You probably will not hear from me again.

Posted by KELLYCAT on 2006-07-10 21:19:58

That is good that I will not hear from you again.

Posted by -someguy on 2007-01-01 05:28:39

Testicles are very sensitive to pressure, they cannot be compressed. For girls to get some idea of how sensitive they are, close your eye and press on your eyeball through your eyelid till it hurts, or try flicking it with your finger. Now imagine you have two organs which are just as sensitive covered by a thin layer of skin hanging between your legs and someone hits them.

You should never hit a guy there except in self defense because sometimes the pain can be so much that it can cause death (through neurogenic shock). The nervous system just can't take it and the body goes into shock and the heart stops beating.






http://www.worldwideschool.org/library/boo...ine/chap13.html Injuries of the testicle and scrotum may be productive of most serious issue. It is a well-known surgical fact that a major degree of shock accompanies a contusion of this portion of the body. In fact, Chevers states that the sensitiveness of the testicles is so well known in India, that there are cases on record in which premeditated murder has been effected by Cossiah women, by violently squeezing the testicles of their husbands. He also mentions another case in which, in frustrating an attempt at rape, death was caused in a similar manner.


Posted by KELLYCAT on 2010-08-28 21:55:04

Excellent reply. Thanks. I am still involved in teach boys and girls about self defense, and of course, the subject of balls and testicles does come up often.