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Being naked in front of brother/sister

sister's party

Posted by JackP on 2005-02-05 19:41:03

i have one sister a year older than me, i'm 13. we live with our mom. we are casual in our house, don't mind wearing underwear around, leaving the door open in the bath, you know. Last summer, my older sister had a friend over while I was in the bathtub upstairs and mom was gone and they came in and we talked and all, it wasn't any big deal. I kept a washrag over me, but they asked me to take it away and i did, then got out and dried off in front of them--i thought it was pretty funny and they did too. they are a year older than me. i don't think i had any hair then but do have some now. i got back in my underwear and we watched tv and talked a long time.

we made a plan for my sister's sleepover. she had 5 or 6 girls over, and I was was in my underwear, and we charged them each 5 dollars to come in one at a time and pull open my shorts and look in. that was ok and fun, and i would let them feel me through my underwear if they asked. then one wanted to reach in and feel me so that was another dollar. i let them rub around my cheeks and reach in to feel my $%!@ and balls. well it got out of hand and they all came in at once and i let them pull my shorts off me and feel me all over. i had to tell them not to squeeze the balls to hard because it hurt. i got a boner but it was pretty cool and i wasn't really embarrassed and liked them seeing it. it got soft again and they felt it both ways and even rolled my foreskin up and down. that was pretty exciting! they wanted a picture together but i said no way! i still got the money .

that was last summer, now when any of her friends come over and moms not around i will get naked for them at no charge and let them feel me up. i'm growing hair now and am a little bigger and they rally like that!

Posted by sdfes on 2005-02-09 18:21:46

YOU ARE SICK MAN! DON"T JUST LET THEM TOUCH YOU LIKE THAT let them get naked and touch them too so it's fair =P

Posted by hgghfg on 2005-03-31 21:44:06

It is the boys job to entertain girls naked. I am 15 and always naked infront of girls

Posted by jeniffer0007 on 2005-08-12 00:17:40

My elder sister 23+ is always naked at home. She entertains us alot by showing off.

Posted by homesparky on 2008-06-15 11:47:51

I was always happy to strip of in front of my sister and her friends, but never charged them any money. Was just happy to be seen naked by girls.