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Bras setting off airport metal detector — a practical solution

Posted by Sylveef on 2019-01-30 18:29:14

January 30, 2019

Re: Bras setting off airport metal detector — a practical solution

Summer will be coming in a few months and families would be traveling for holidays. With increased sensitivity of security gates, looking for metallic objects on person, the metal lining in brassieres of young girls are becoming problem. Many times they have to remove the bras from under their dresses and T shirts exposing their breasts for a brief period of time, but still embarrassing for the youngster at the age of entering puberty.

One of the families dressed their girls till the age of 11 years in skirts with nothing above the waist. They got a light pat down and allowed to board the plane. But when their 12 year old daughter put on a thin and narrow tube top on (all the other girls were topless), she was put through intense scrutiny, with tube top pulled to waist exposing her completely and her breasts thoroughly checked.

I suggested the following to her mother:

Dress the girl in pure cotton skirt (or woolen in winter; no buttons or metal lining) and pure cotton cape (or woolen in winter; no buttons or metal lining) without bra. To make a cape, take a large square sheet of cloth. Side of square should be about one and a half the shoulder width of girl. Cut a small square hole in the middle, side of which is two-third the shoulder width. This makes a cape. The girl should put it on bare top diagonally, so that a large isosceles triangle (a triangle, which has two sides equal) of cloth contains a bare skin isosceles triangle, both from front and back.

The mother completely agreed and is now practicing the same for air travel for her daughter. As her 12 year old approaches security, the mother removes her cape during search process by sliding it down her shoulders (pulling the corners away from body midline) to be dropped to floor. The child then passes through security gate topless and redresses in cape afterwards.

Another family is applying the same policy of going through gates, braless with cape on, for their 11 year old daughter.

A third parent communicated to me that she used black cape made of net cloth, which when bunched together was opaque and did not show anything. But when the hands are held spread out parallel to floor, the cloth is stretched and become see through. See used such cape in major airports in Africa and North America and was very satisfied with the process, as her girls did not have to remove the cape for security screening and skin to skin pat down.

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