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Airport Security and Kids 8

Posted by Sylveef on 2024-02-07 10:12:31

I have launched a poll Airport Security and Kids 8, where I am introducing touchless-integrated unclothed screening and raising the limit of topless travel to under-12. The original integrated unclothed screening involved skin-to-skin pat down of youngsters. In this procedure, the child strips to waist, barefoot, wearing only briefs/panties, immediately upon entering airport lounge and remains in that state till the end of journey after disembarking from the aircraft, mandatory for the security reasons as the child is not subjected to any electronic or radiation screening. There were issues and concerns with skin-to-skin pat down. Many parents have expressed willingness and satisfaction if their daughters till the age of 11+ years travel topless. Seems that unclothed era for traveling by children is fast approaching. Address of the poll is


Many parents are not aware of the harmful effects on the delicate bodies of their children by the devices used for security screening: Security Gates, which effect badly on the heart and brain electrical activity


and Full Body Scanning, increases risk of cancer as the bone marrow of a child is very delicate, may cause impotence as the genitals are not shielded


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