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How many under18 still get spanked as punishment

camping trip spanking by friends

Posted by valdo on 2009-06-16 22:52:02

a few years ago, back when i was 13, i went on a camping/hiking trip with my friends. i guess im not as in shape as i remember because i kept getting really tired and slowing everyone down. the first day they understood but by the last day they were getting really $%!@ed off at how much i was slowing them down. they told me that if i didnt hurry up they were going to spank me that night at camp. at first i thought they were kidding, and they proabely were, but by the end of the day they definitely weren't and were promising me a very long and humiliating spanking that night. i could tell they weren't kidding and tried to keep up but just couldnt. i've never been spanked so i was really scared and a couple of the guys were football players so i knew they could make it hurt.

well we set up camp and they told me they'd do my spanking later that night to give me time to think about it. i was really scared and embarrassed at the idea of getting any kind of spanking especially from my friends.

later that night while sitting around the fire they told me it was time. they hadn't told me how long of a spanking i was going to get so i was really worried. now im a smaller guy, not like really small just not nearly as big as some of the other guys there. so when the biggest guy pulled me over and put me over his knee he didnt have much trouble... also when he put his hand on my bottom it covered the whole thing. so when he started to spank me by hand, even over my swearpants, it hurt alot. im not sure how many times he spanked me but after what felt like 10 minutes he let me up. i thought we were done, and believe me that would have been enough my bottom was already feeling hot, but when i tried to walk off he grabbed me by the arm and told me "where are you doing? what was just the warmup" needless to say i was now terrified.

then to my astonishment i was told to take off my shirt and pants! of course that didnt go over well with me, but eventually i had no choice. i soon found myself standing in front of several guys my age in nothing but some tight white briefs that were several sizes to small. i was then pulled back over the guys lap, my hands on the ground in front of me my feel in the air my white hiney way up in the air on display for everyone to see. they talked about what to use next and eventually settled on a heavy wooden hairbrush. i had never been spanked with a hair brush so i didnt know what to expect.

i must say after having a large hand punishing my small bottom rather widely and evenly the hairbrush was a shock. after the first 10 i was crying a little and after 10 more minutes of punishment i was crying like a little boy. i was told my red red bottom could be seen straight through my thin tight whitie tighties, but i was crying so hard i didnt care. now i thought surely we would be done right? wrong...

then to my horror and useless protest my last line of defense for my poor tender bottom was pulled down to my ankles. briefs around my anckles, bottom up in the air, crying like a little boy i was completely defenseless and exposed... i dont know how long the rest of the spanking lasted but i was spanked with a switch taken from the surrounding woods, a very painful belt, a flip flop, and then the hand again and being made to count the smacks out loud followed by sir every time.

by the time it was over i was screaming and crying like a little kid, yelling all kinds of stuff from "im sorry i'll be good" and "please no more" to being made to say "i've been naughty please spank me" and "im sorry sir ill try to be a good boy". in the end my bottom was more red than i thought possible and i could barley feel it. everyone else thought the whole thing was funny and one guy even recorded it and was sure to show me, but he deleted it laster so its ok. theres still some pictures of my red bottom up in the air visible through my thin briefs, and my crying face while taking the punishment. my friends use them to remind me that they can do it again and have a few times, i might post about those later.

but in the end i kind of deserved it, i was being a jerk that weekend and i did tell them i could keep up and they only agreed to bring me along if i could. also although it did hurt a ton and was really embarrassing it was also felt kinda good to have someone finally punish me. like i said i've been spanked by them other times also, maybe ill post those later.

Posted by paddlebutt on 2009-06-19 14:41:09

When i was a kid i was around 11 i joined a club that had about 7 or 8 boys in it. Anyone who was accepted into the club had to be initiated. Outside the clubhouse out in the woods all new members had to stand outside the door, there was 3 of us joining, all 3 of us were first blind folded then we had to hold each others hand as we were led into the clubhouse, all 3 of us were told to stop as we stood there waiting we could hear the guys talking. I was the first one to be led over to the table where i had to stand there while they brought the other guys over. I felt a guy grab at my waist and undo my pants, we were told to keep our hands over our head or it would be worse for us. As i stood there i felt my pants being pulled down, then i heard the other guys as they were getting there pants pulled down. Now the 3 of us were standing there in our underpants and our pants were around our ankles, we were then told to bend over the table, the next thing i heard was the sound of a paddle hitting the one kid then the next kid then me we all let out a yelp, its hard to prepair yourself when your bending over with a blind fold on. Each member of the club got to paddle us 3 swats each, by the time they were done we had very sore butts and were crying. After it was over we were able to take our blindfolds off and pull our pants up, as we stood there rubbing our butts we all had to shake hands. I know what you went through as i didnt think my friends would paddle us but they sure did and they were laughing about it also.

Posted by paddlebutt on 2009-06-19 14:56:16

Another time i was in the service i was 19 we were over in Greece stationed there when some of the guys decided to go horse back riding, now im not much of a cowboy and i hadnt rode a horse as we dont have to many horses in New York city. That night my butt was sore from riding a horse most of the day, we walked over to the chow hall to have dinner as i was sitting there a friend of mine who went riding with us noticed how gently i sat down, he asked me what was wrong i told him i was a little saddle sore, no more was mentioned about my sore butt. After chow we walked back to the barracks where we were all talking about our ride that day, one of the guys asked me to come over where he was, as i walked over to him i guess you could say the trap was set, i was grabbed by a couple of guys who pushed me down onto the floor, they then pulled my pants down then one of the guys sitting in a chair was waiting as i was led over to him and taken over his knee, he started spanking my left cheek and another guy started spanking my right cheek there was no way i could stop them i was totally surprised as i never thought about being spanked in the service man i was wrong, every guy who went horse back riding that day got a chance to spank my butt either taking turns sitting or standing on my side spanking me but they all got me good and in the morning i had a lot of trouble sitting, so just think your 13 and was spanked by your friends, it might not be over for you dont forget you could be in line for a birthday spanking.

Posted by lagochapala2008 on 2009-06-19 18:32:29

Guys, back as a teen that was common among us guys. Not to be mean or anything or to hurt anyone but just dare or bet with loser getting it on the butt. Our school had the paddle & most of us acquainted with it & our dads whipped butt at home so no one was shocked to feel wood smacking your butt. It was an awesome bonding with each of us seemingly equally on giving & taking side of the paddle. No one got hurt other than your pride a little sometimes when not only your jeans or shorts came down but skivvies too. Birthdays were real butt scorchers with sometimes 2-3 friends together ganging your butt for the traditional age+1 spanking.


Posted by paddlebutt on 2009-08-04 14:34:47

In H.S. back in the end of the 50s and begging of the 60s kids did get paddled in school, we had a gym teacher who had no problem swating our butts, there was usually 3-6 boys who got in trouble so at the end of gym we would all go into the showers and wash off then go back to our lockers to get dressed, the guys who messed up were called out, i recieved a couple of spankings from our teacher this time there was 3 of us he called out, we were allowed to put our white briefs on but thats it he made us bend over and grab our ankles and he started lecturing us about fooling around and not taking gym seriously, as were bending over we could see the rest of the class standing there waiting for the show to begin. We did have a choice to recieve a spanking from him or go to the principal and recieve a paddling and a note to take home where we know we would recieve another spanking at home, at least in the gym we would recieve a spanking but no note so we would usually take the gym teachers spanking. He used a rope doubled up so if your recieving 6 swats you will actually get 12, as i was bending over i know some of the guys were enjoying watching us get spanked as i enjoyed watching some of those guys get spanked, the teacher started spanking the 1st guy in line and by the 3rd swat he was crying, after we recieved our swats we were all crying but we went back to our lockers to finish getting dressed our butts were sore and when we pulled down our briefs you could see the marks his rope left. When i got home i was still sore but i didnt have to worry about recieving another spanking, i asked my mom if i could eat in my room when supper was ready as i had a lot of home work to do, i knew i wouldnt be able to sit still at the table and then dad would ask me what was wrong and before long i would find myself over dads knee with pants and briefs pulled down as he would get the truth out of me about getting spanked in school.