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Attire and Health Surveillance for School-Going Kids2

Guidelines for resuming travel with kids

Posted by Sylveef on 2021-06-06 13:28:37

June 6, 2021

Dear Friend,

Hope with the easing of COVID restrictions, you’ll be planning to take a vacation. However, all precautions (masking, distancing, sanitizing/gloving) must be adhered to as vaccinated persons could, still be carriers. In addition, there is no scientific evidence that the vaccine is effective for mutated viruses. So be on the safe side for the sake of yourself, your family and friends!

We are facing 4 way problem these days, and have to find an optimal solution to this:

No. 1: Airport search needed to keep us safe from dangerous people boarding the plane and posing harm to passengers, crew and the population on top of which the plane is flying (safety and security concern)

No..2: Harmful effects of security gates, in terms of magnetic fields influencing hearts and minds of passengers, in particular growing children and adolescents, both boys and girls till the age of 20 years (safety and security concern)

No..3: Disastrous effects of full-body scanners, in terms of harmful doses of radiation, they impart to bodies of passengers, in particular growing youngsters (safety and security concern)

No. 4: Avoiding any body contact with the searcher, especially, skin-to-skin pat down to avoid getting corona virus (safety and security concern)

Under these circumstances the protocols of integrated unclothed screening, for individuals till the age of 20 years, are modified as follows (an alternative to complete strip search, preserving dignity of younger population; children have been frequently and routinely subjected to strip search in the absence of practicing these protocols): Girls (0-11) and Boys (0-20): During pleasant weather boys are brought to airport topless, in pure-cotton briefs, shorts, pure-cotton socks and leather shoes. Girls should have hair completely open with only plastic hair band holding the hair. They should be topless, dressed in pure-cotton panties (no other material on panties so as not to set the alarm, if passing through gates), miniskirt/skirt. pure-cotton socks and leather shoes. No clips, pins. If the weather is chilly a blanket could be wrapped around the upper torso. Immediately upon entering the airport lounge, the children remove shoes, socks, miniskirt/skirt/shorts as well as blanket (if wrapped). All these items are now packed in cabin baggage, which passes through X-ray scanner. Hence, these items could not be worn for the next 24 hours. X-ray-scanned clothes should be thoroughly washed before re-use. Boys are now dressed in briefs and girls in panties only (barefoot, stripped to waist), diapers (if worn) have to be removed, hair completely unbraided and opened up (all removed clothing, diapers, shoes and socks must first be hand searched and, then, passed through the X-ray belt), the children (now completely undressed except briefs or panties) is, then, thoroughly searched in the following manner, while the children’s stuff is passing through X-ray belt: (a) lifts arms above head; (b) ears and mouth, in particular, below the tongue looked at; (c) through hair search for concealed weapons or narcotics wing a long wand (made of non-metallic material, containing no sensors); (d) the same wand pressed over briefs or panties to look for concealed weapons, parent or accompanying adult must supervise the child throughout the process to maintain discipline. The children after the screening now roam about in the airport lounge and travel in the airline barefoot and in underwear only, as their clothing, shoes and socks are unsafe to wear now. Upon entering the aircraft their feet should be wiped with baby wipe. They’ll be provided blankets in the airline to keep them warm during travel. At the destination buy them a pair of flip flops and blankets from the airport shop to reach place of stay. The following additional benefits are derived from this practice: a) Children in briefs or panties only would spontaneously play in the lounge without the fear of getting clothes caught up in furniture or fixtures (one would note that the physical activity of children increases as soon as they are undressed, even for examination by doctor). Airport authorities should provide special play areas for children in the lounges as do the fast food chains. b) Because of vigorous activities in the lounge, they get tired and sleep through most of the journey, keep them away from mischief. c) As a matter of policy, the airline security would feel comfortable that children (who are not body scanned) are not carrying any weapons during the flight. d) The body of the aircraft is generally hot from inside at the time of boarding (especially in the economy class), so the children would be relaxed in underwear and may fall asleep easily (and keep away from mischief during the flight). e) During the flight (turbulence, ascent and decent) there is an extra need to pass urine, so it would be easier to go and use bathroom. f) Allowing the skin to breathe in the wake of cabin pressure of aircraft. g) Loose clothes of children may get entangled in the narrow space between the passenger seat and front seat, in particular if the seat in front is slightly reclined backwards. Girls (11-20): For them I suggest they wear pure-cotton panties, pure-cotton skirt and pure-cotton cape (described below), no bra (as bras have caused to trigger alarm). Panties, skirt or cape should not have any fancy design or shine, which may trigger the alarm.

To make a cape, take a large square sheet of cloth. Side of square should be about one and a half the shoulder width of girl. Cut a small square hole in the middle, side of which is two-third the shoulder width. This makes a cape. The girl should put it on bare top diagonally, so that a large isosceles triangle (a triangle, which has two sides equal) of cloth contains a bare skin isosceles triangle, both from front and back.

As they approach the search area, they should remove shoes, socks, skirt and cape (by drawing the inner rectangle towards shoulders, letting it drop to floor). Now in panties only, stripped to waist, they should be searched as younger children through SOPs of Integrated unclothed screening protocols. Modesty has to be set aside for a short while in exchange for health, safety and security. Request the search staff not to pass the cape and skirt through X rays as they would become secondary sources of radiation and could not be worn for the rest of journey). Families from Canada and Germany have been practicing this routine in different airports in Russia, India, Brazil, Africa and many other airports.

I have been told that airport authorities are strictly implementing these protocols on younger travelers at Shanghai airport.

Travel during COVID-19 should include face masks, gloves and social distancing of at least 6 feet in the airport and on the plane.

Would like to get your input on these suggestions! Please do share airport search stories as well as the places you visit recently. I’ll be waiting for them.

Till later,


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