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Biblical Accuracy

nothing new under the sun, indeed!

Posted by spartanadam on 2004-01-01 21:59:37

If one biblical statement can be abundantly proven accurate by this poll, it is the first one given from Ecclesiates: "There is nothing new under the sun." Skeptical questions like these have been around for thousands of years (in the Christian era, all the way back to Celsus in the 2nd century AD!), and simply demonstrate the complete ignorance of the basic principles of exegesis, hermeneutics and textual criticism that unfortunately characterize the overwhelming bulk of skeptical "thought" ever since that time. I do agree with you that these issues should raise significant doubts for those who naively cling to a "literal" interpretation of the Bible, but these texts when properly understood do absolutely nothing to undermine a thinking Christian's confidence in the overall reliability and spiritual authority of the scriptures as a whole. For those interested in actually investigating these issues, check out Gleason Archer's "Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties" or some other such resource, but don't waste your time sweating over the number of horses in Solomon's stall (can anyone say "scribal error"???) or trivialities of that sort as objections to the basic message of the Christian faith.