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Biblical Accuracy


Posted by Geo MS on 2003-10-03 01:04:32

I do not find it helpful for my religious faith to know or remember how many horses or baths some Biblical figure had. The meaning of the scripture is not in recalling such minute facts ( though there is certainly nothing wrong with knowing those things- if it interests one) I am a Catholic and practice my faith seriously. I beleive that Jesus came into the world to save humans and accomplished this by His passion, death and resurection. I also beleive He expects us to do the very things he mandated in Matthew 25-- feed the hungry, cloth the naked, welcome the stranger, etc. As to the nuances of faith or faith vs works-- I am not going to argue -- I believe most Catholic and main line Protestant theologians have come to some broad agreement on these once contenious reformation points.Love Jesus Christ and help to live as He did, and serve your fellow humans as He did. I think that is the key and it takes a lifetime of challenge to do these--only God can judge!