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Biblical Accuracy


Posted by jpdx on 2003-04-07 23:50:36

The Bible speaks of Unbelievers. So everyone of you that don't believe the Bible is true the Bible has a place for you too. The thing Is I am a Christian always will be. I have felt the spirit of the Lord and know it is real. I have talked to the Lord. I have also felt the Spirit of Satan who is real as well. And one day all unbelivers will be judged and do you really want to go to hell. Is it worth it is what you are putting before God worth it? Really? If you are a skeptic and say what if there is no heaven or hell. You do realize you are playing Russian roulette with you lives right? There is a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun. So what is the harm in trusting in the Lord and giving your life to him and letting him bless you? Just curious? I realize there will be some that will say listen to this religious nut. And for those I can only pray for understanding. And hope you accept Jesus as your Savior before it is too late. It is my duty as a Christian to witness. But I will not see the souls burning in hell. Sinners how ever will see me and the Christians reeping our rewards and Glorifying the Lord God. Be thankful for life and choices but make the right ones. For I truly don't want to see realize they made the wrong desicion when it is too late.