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To-LOVE-ru Date-Rito Poll

Why Kotegawa?

Posted by luckyass_rito on 2009-08-02 13:03:49

No! It should always always be Lala!

Lala+Rito=best couple.

Posted by ok200 on 2009-08-02 13:09:04

for me yui coz i like her went in romantic moments she very cute and her reaction too ^_^ yui kotegawa Fan Hehehehe

Posted by luckyass_rito on 2009-08-02 14:03:03

But Lala's far cuter, more outgoing, fun to be around, bumbly, etc.

Posted by Zetta7 on 2009-08-07 18:20:05

yea the series will most likely end up having Lala and Rito as a couple so they should give the other girls some chance right? i mean one date would'nt hurt i'd like to see Yui and Rito go on a date even if im a Lala x Rito fan till the very end. :D and i just love Yui's reactions theyre so funny xD and cute too ^^

Posted by onixspace on 2009-08-07 21:46:28

screw lala, Kotegawa is way beautiful. Lala is to perky to unnatural.