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To-LOVE-ru Damzels Poll

Moment of truth

Posted by Zetta7 on 2009-08-07 18:41:09

Lala and Haruna both in danger which will be saved first? will he be able to save both in time? or will there be no choice but to pick from one of the two girls that he likes...

Posted by yo-yo-girl on 2009-08-08 07:20:02

both....if not then i think rito would pic lala over haruna...

Posted by Zetta7 on 2009-08-08 17:04:20

i agree that's what most likely will happen :P

Posted by Drdrako on 2009-08-11 02:47:40

Neither. Rito will get eaten by the monster, so will everyone else, then Mikado Sensei will save them all! Also, Mikado Sensei should be Queen of the Universe.

Posted by yo-yo-girl on 2009-08-14 05:48:47

ok......a little freaky