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should my stepmom spank me

your punishment

Posted by mister tom on 2009-09-02 19:32:08

I voted "yes" to the first question, because I believe you deserved some punishment or discipline. I do think her punishment was severe. You didn't mention what your age is or what you had done to be confined to your room in the first place. I think that if the first punishment was justified it was a proper form of discipline and that your stepmom probably should have consulted with your dad before the spanking. It sounds like her goal was to humiliate you--and I'm sure the situation was humiliating, so she succeeded in that. The object of discipline or punishment SHOULD be to convince you to change your behavior and whether that goal was acheived only you and your parents can know. Bear in mind that the results of your poll are only a compilation of people's opinions. You really cannot determine right or wrong by a vote.

Posted by bluegreen59 on 2009-09-03 01:29:41


Posted by Gary S on 2009-09-03 01:50:24

I think your stepmom went beyond simply giving you a discipline spanking--Her conduct was over the top----I got paddled bare by my step moher at 14+ and I was a big guy for my age---Of course I hated getting it----basically she and I got along very well---and still do---I guess i needed a spanking---If I am honest about it