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Guys, What Are You Wearing (Right Now)? (boys only)

wearing right now

Posted by Leo Benji on 2012-07-24 19:03:56


Well I guess when you met.. you didn't change your habit for your wife so if it was strange she's gotten used to it already. surprised at your mom though... usually they push for normalcy to make sure their" baby" is alright. Lol. panties are smooth.. expanding.. comfortable sometimes a tight fit and feel sexy.. which is probably why you never looked back after trying them. I experimented but was already an adult so even though I felt elated with them on.. it wasn't as imbedded in my brain as much as it would have been if I started at the age you did. so are we doing the whole crossdressing thing from time to time or just the wearing of those certain items?

Posted by jiminie on 2012-07-24 23:50:54

Yeah, I would never ever go back to wearing any kind of men's underwear. And it's not really a sexual thing (although it is awesome to $%!@e or be $%!@ed through nylon Lycra) it's really all about comfort. I just find panties much more comfortable than men's briefs, and far more comfortable than any kind of boxers. I do not understand how men can tolerate all that extra fabric bunched up between their legs. I'm not into any other type of cross-dressing, just panties. I have no problem with cross-dressers, I have a single friend that can pass as a woman very well. Enjoy yourself, that's what life is really all about. Never take life too seriously because you'll never get out of it alive anyway.

Posted by ShadowWolf830 on 2012-07-25 00:28:43


Lol, I can't do any of that stuff, i'm only 14. I'm not even sure my mom knows I sleep naked. The last time I told her was when I was about 10, idk if she forgot or not

Posted by Leo Benji on 2012-07-25 03:05:47


You mentioned that you wear a necklace and bracelets... I was asking you how long have you been doing this and why.

Now did I get confused somewhere?

I went back to prior conversation to make sure I was right... I just said stuff a different way.. necklace-choker....bracelets-shackles.... I might have confused you... I'm sorry. Lol

That's still young... now that I know your age.. to be wearing things like that if it's true..... OK...str8n me out... tell me what's what! :-))

Posted by ShadowWolf830 on 2012-07-25 04:41:50

Lol oh, I wear a necklace, braclets, and an ear ring. Thats it :)