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Naked on trampoline

Posted by HM on 2010-03-10 16:26:05

Funny story. I was a guest at a nudist club a couple years ago. While getting some sun on the deck near the water I notice they had a very large trampoline...so off I went. I just gently bounced a while until I got used to using a trampoline again...the the feel of my johnson and the twins flapping around was kinda' cool. After I while I really go into it...high jumps, twists, turns etc. On one turn, I saw my shadow and realized I had a full blown hard on from my johnson hitting my stomach and thighs.

Posted by jimbob marley on 2010-10-18 06:16:20

have u got a trampoline. if you have i;ve got some top tips you should trampoline in bare feet as you wil get better grip. have high nets round the adge not to be heavy as it might brake big garden videio and put onto you tube