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Horror fight six

Why I picked what I picked

Posted by Billy Cole Dandridge on 2010-09-30 17:36:00

Tarman vs Creature from the black lagoon.

Tarman. He's a zombie. A nigh-unkillable fast-zombie. Creature may have a leg up on humans but tarman has a leg up on both.

Noseferato vs Dracula

Dracula. I generally think Orlock is the cooler, but Dracula has the guy beat on smarts and experience.

Freddy Kruger vs Sweeny Todd

Freddy. I think the answer is obvious.

Tarman and BUB vs Dracula and Noseferato

Tarman and Bub. They've either got no blood left or they don't need their blood, plus Bub can use weapons, Tarman is nigh-unkillable and both can survive in the sun.

Hanniable lector vs Buffalo Bill

Hannibal. He's got both strength and smarts.

Pamela Voorhees vs Cropsy(from the Burning)

Cropsy. Again, though I like Pamela more, Cropsy has one up on her with sheer strength

Pinhead vs Leprechaun

Pinhead. Leprechaun has powers, but Pinhead's powers are like 10x what the Leprechaun has. Even if those chains aren't wrought iron, Leprechaun can still be torn to bits like he was in "Space"

Butterball and Chatter vs The mummy and The invisable man

Butterball and Chatterer. Same reason as in the Pinhead vs. Leprechaun fight. Imhotep and Griffin may have powers and advantages, but the cenobites have huge durability (at least) and loads of weapons and bloodlust

Human Jason vs Zombie Jason vs Uber Jason

Uber Jason... yeah... makes sense, doesn't it?

Now for the 666 match Damien(from the omen) vs Regan(from the Exorcist)

I'd say Regan. damien might be the more powerfully demonic entity, but Regan's possessor had more physical power in her form.

Now for the final fight. Jason Voorhees, Michael myers, Leatherface, and Pamela Voorhees VS Freddy Kruger, Pinhead, Chucky, and Leprechaun vs Damien, Regan, and The Demonic Toys Vs The puppets Vs Alien, Predator, Terminator and Robocop Vs The five classic universal monsters. Before voting on this one> ALL HELL JUST BROKE LOOSE

I chose the action/scifi team, with team Pinhead coming in a close second. I've already said why Pinhead pwns (as he would with most of those teams, along with Freddy with Chucky and Leprechaun being backup/taking out smaller opponents), but I think that between the Predator's arsenal and pain-enduarance vs. Pinhead's cenobites, plus the Alien's lack of dreaming giving it the edge over Freddy (and the other two on team-pinhead probably being dead by that point), Pred, Xeno, Murphy and Ahnuld would probably manage a win.

I liked the poll pretty damn well, entertaining if nothing else.