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Bride Wars - Cycle One - Voting

Thank You for Voting!

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Posted by SimBridalMagazine on 2011-08-22 16:07:23

Once again, thank you all for voting. We here at the Sim Bridal Magazine team would like to thank you for your time. All entrants worked extra hard and did wonderful jobs. If you have not viewed the entrys, you may want to have a look at the *forum on which the Cycle One action took place on and view ALL pages to see the entries. We promise you'll be impressed! And to take a moment, we want to thank the founders of this wonderful magazine who's currently working doubly hard on the first issue. They have great moments and bad ones, but the truth is they totally rock at creating this Bridal Magazine from the Sims. It's unlike any other Sims 3 magazine you'll read, because it has such creativity and sparks intrest, and the team members aren't people who met online like other magazines: our team are friends. We talk and think about the Sims and think of great ways to expand our magazine. So thanks to our founders to make all this wonder even possible because they simply got bored and wanted a fresh expierence!

FOUNDER: Biff11 CO-FOUNDER: Lime18 ~We love you guys so much!~

So again, thanks from all of us for voting. And don't mind our mushy moment above, we just can't wait to churn out the first issue on August 23rd. We love the fans, and don't forget if you want to receive news, Bride Wars info, and be entered into contest to **subscribe to Sim Bridal Magazine! Love Always, The Sim Bridal Team ♥

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