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Survey on Abortion

i have had an abortion

Posted by amy on 2002-04-11 04:01:47

I know what abortion really is, how it really feels, and what it really does to you. I know what it feels like to be a 'hard case' (rape, incest). I know the physical pain and the emotional devastation. And after going thru the hell of having an abortion, I would never support another women having to go through the same hell I did. Abortion is always wrong, for the mother and the baby. It always hurts, physically and emotionally, and the pain never goes away. It is hell on earth, torture. so before you think supporting abortion is the compassionate and loving thing to do, talk to the women who have been there and experinced the truth. www.safehavenministries.com is where they hang out. I still have flashbacks, depression, nightmares, crying, and have been unable to concieve since. And those are just some of the problems I now have, thanks to a stupid decision I made several years ago. I would do anything to change what i did. Anything. I am so sorry baby. Your mommy cries for you.

Posted by Tom US Navy on 2003-01-11 06:23:47

Dear Amy, Kudos for writing such a good description of what it is like to have an abortion. I am deeply sorry for all the pain and suffering you have endured, but let it be known that those who love you will not desert you in these hard times. I truly wish all those who advocate abortion would spend a day seeing what truly goes on in the abortion clinics and talk to women who have had to endure such pain. Anyway, you take care and may God bless you. -Tom

Posted by The Pollerz on 2005-04-14 08:05:38


Look at the picture section, what do you mean they're not going to talk about it? I think pictures mean more than talking?

Posted by jennaxx on 2006-08-30 06:06:54

Dear Amy, while I feel sorry for you, be grateful that you had a choice and try to move on with your life. Don't try to coerce other women with your guilt. If you can no longer have children (I've read a paper not too long ago that says giving birth can also make secondary conception more difficult) there's always adoption. A child does not have to share your blood to share your heart.

Posted by burnmaster on 2009-01-26 20:45:49

I know someone who had an abortion when they were a teenager, and now 7 years later she is in a stable marriage with their first child; she was not traumatized by the experience. Everyone reacts differently to different experiences, but the point is it is their choice to make. Just because your experience was hell for you doesn't mean that is the same way others will see it.