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Survey on Abortion

Abortion is not in the Bible

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2007-04-23 17:01:46

There is no mention of abortion in the Bible and Jesus was not conceived until years after he was born. He was born before the time of King Herod and conceived during the time of King Herod. Fundies never seem to read the whole Bible. Check out Psalm 137:9. It talks of the joy of violently murdering children. If you are anti-abortion you want to support the judgement of those who use the the Bible without reading it against doctors who are learned and make difficult judgements involving life every day. The best way to prevent abortion is to get people to use contraceptions more. The same group that is against abortion is also working to block teenagers from going into drugstores and getting contraception materials. Wall Marts go into towns and knock out other retailers and then when kids try to get the morning after pill some fundie pharmacist refuses so the girls become pregnant and end up on an abortionist's office in some strange town. If you are going to use the Bible please make sure the Bible has somthing on it. Btw the Bible clearly states one is not to touch pigskin so you should outlaw football.

Posted by Highnlonesome on 2008-09-10 20:02:17

As the Catholic Church and most Eastern religions teach that the soul or consciousness is present in the body from the moment of conception, there cannot be much argument that abortion is not allowed, except possibly in cases where there would be a risk of death or disability to the mother. But by relying on the Bible alone, it would be difficult to form a coherent stance one way or the other. I don't know much about the concept of the soul in Protestantism, but I suspect that most Protestants rely on gut feeling rather than theology on this one.