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Survey on Abortion

Just a quote and response.

Posted by dan on 2002-05-13 10:39:05

Quote from Ainsley: "And that's what this issue is about really: freedom."

First of all, that's what pro-deathers want it to be about. God has yet to come down from heaven to declare that, so I don't think it makes sense to assume it's true. Now...What if it is about freedom? Which freedom would you think more fundamental: The freedom to live, or the freedom to recklessly create life and then kill your own child? Of course rape will be mentioned, and in that case, subtract the "recklessly create life" part. The fact is and must be, that an innocent person (especially one with as much life to live as an unborn child) has a right to life that outweighs any other right that is to be had on this earth. That is where freedom begins.