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Back zip clothing, Yes/No, Why?

Reaching the zip

Posted by KateWest on 2012-02-15 11:58:54

I enjoy wearing clothes with back zips - catsuits mainly, but also I have a couple of jumpsuits.

Except for one jumpsuit which has tight sleeves I have always found it easy to reach and zip/unzip myself, but a few months ago I pulled a muscle in my right arm and can't reach behind my back very easlily. I have never been able to do so well with my left arm.

So now I need help to get in and out of all these clothes, difficult if I need to pee and nobody is around!

Posted by myself30 on 2012-02-15 17:44:53

Well, a "get well soon" to your muscle from me ;). I still live at home, so there is nearly always somebody around to unzip me. Wich I can't manage to do at the best of times, so once I'm zipped into something with a back zip, I'm stuck until somebody releases me.

Posted by KateWest on 2012-02-17 19:00:26

Thanks for your good wishes. In reality recovery from this sort of thing is usually slow, and I guess I'm in for 12 - 18 months of this yet. Never mind, I can still do most things and I actually quite like depending on my other half to help me.

There is no problem usually at home, but I have to be careful out & about - separate ladies & gents stops me getting any help undressing!

I'm intrigued by your situation - do you mind depending on others to take off your clothes or do you enjoy the sense of dependancy? Do you ever find yourself stuck when you want to take something off, especially away from home? It would be good to hear of any stories about it.

Posted by myself30 on 2012-02-19 11:25:49

I grew up with it, but you could say I like the dependancy. For me it means there is nearly always somebody around to help.

I'm stuck in everything with a back zipper or back buttons. ;)

There is one memorable story from last year, when I wanted to paint my room. I've got an old rainwear Overall from some years ago. It's a tight fit in some places, but with only underwear on it worked no problem. I put it on backwards as not to get paint on the zipper. After I finished painting, I cleaned up the Overall as not to cary paint trough the house in search of Mom to unzip me. But Mom was nowhere to be found. That was when I remembered that she wanted to go to a friend and stay there until the next day. At least it was early evening, so I didn't have to wait so long. Sleeping was a bit uncomfortable, with my bra being stuck under the Overall. I woke up more than once when the Overall started to cling to my skin. Well, Mom came home the next day and grinned a bit when I told her what happened. She unzipped me and told me to get under the shower imideatly, I had sweated more than I realised. The Overall still fits by the way, but next time I try to remember when Mom is at home to unzip me ;)

Posted by KateWest on 2012-02-25 12:59:52

Wow I don't think I could do that - I would need the bathroom long before the morning.

I guess maybe you don't go out wearing back-zippered clothes? I like to use a catsuit as a basic garment as it's so warm & cosy, but then whatever I wear on top has to come off again sooner or later "for comfort". It's quite easy to forget that, then find I'm on my own and have a real difficulty.

Wearing sleepers and playsuits around the house is real fun though, I don't think I mind waiting to be let out as long as it doesn't go too far!