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i dont belive in god

Posted by adam putzer on 2004-03-27 23:07:58

What is wrong with you people, what the hell do you base this whole belife in such a fairy tale as god and hevan, i have yet to see anyone explain to me why i should belive some crazy idiots who started preaching bout random things 700 years ago and it just sorta stuck, why cant the human mind just accept that this is it, this is earth, this your life, live it now, theres nothing else! before you were born there was lankness, and after you die, the logical conclusion is that you return to that blankness, there is one thing that lets you even post these messages, your brain, without it your nothing but a bunch of jumbled up moloucles without a purpose, and once your brain is dead thats it!, accept it, and do you think living infinativly, can ever truely be perfect, everything that has a begining has to have an end, do you think living in some nice perfect fullufy cloud land fairy tail, will be so great after your 999999 year ther, i do belive there is a hell infact, i belive that infinity is the one true hell, to live forever even in a paridice, is still hell. i never go on this website, so if you would like to debate me, meail me at wazzzzup613@hotmail.com , i love debating speacialy bout this subject