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Would you hire a babysitter who smokes?

Smoking babysitters

Posted by Bensonslad on 2017-10-01 22:58:07

Me and my brother would get usually get baby Sat by older cousins and they all smoked, everyone in our family smokes and all that I know were smoking about time stated high school, 20 a day by the time 12. Most of the time they would arrive with a ciggy on the go and dad was be talking to them Sat on the sofa chaining ciggies and giving them one and lighting them after his as he was dragging with his cheeks sucked in loads. He would always have 40 ciggies on the coffee table and say that there's some ciggies for you so have enough to smoke while here and that it's a heavy smokers home so there are ashtrays in every room, even the lads bedroom although they aren't smoking yet. They are happy for you to smoke in room, I always smoke as reading bedtime story to them, used to their dad smoke pumping out at them when reading out loud. Know how much I enjoy it and need to keep getting the nicotine all the time.

Me and bro would look after younger cousins too as teenagers and would chain smoke the whole time, as always get 20 off dad to take and uncles usually give us 40, at least 20. Say that when older they will see why everyone loves smoking and want to be smoking as much too. It tastes so good when speak as it pumps out. Looks cool and why we all do it. You are lucky to have a family who all smoke and that you will be smoking when you start high school and will smoke for rest of life, every day as soon as you wake up. It's the best way to start the day, so good to be smoker.

Posted by Cleancut on 2019-02-27 01:38:35

My mom smoked in the house and allowed my babysitters to smoke. Around half of them were smokers and I'm sure they liked being able to smoke. I remember thinking my babysitters who smoked so mature. They were teen girls just a few years older than me but seeing them with that lit cigarette made them look like an adult to me..like an authority figure, not some kid hanging out with me.

One night a babysittet told me to go to bed. I asked if I could stay up later. She firmly said "No it's your bedtime..you are going to bed now do you understand". I looked at her with that cigarette held between her fingers and she reminded me so much of my mom..I marched off to bed. When in bed I could smell the cigarette smoke seep into my room just like when mom was home and it gave me a comforting feeling.

Posted by naughtymom6969 on 2021-04-21 20:32:55

I smoked when I was babysitting (and still do), so I would have no problem hiring a girl who smoked or buying her cigarettes. And if she flirted with me, I would DEFINITELY try to take it farther!

Posted by Cleancut on 2022-09-08 01:20:27

Yes I would, for myself. More on that later.

Here it is 2022, ten years after this question was asked. I would guess right now it is unusual for a babysitter to smoke inside the house in front of the kids. Yet when I had babysitters in the 70s.and 80s it was very common for babysitters to smoke. At least half of mine did.

My babysitters were teenage girls and smoking made them look so grown up and mature to me. Probably because my mom was a heavy smoker so I associated smoking with being an adult.

It seemed like such a different atmosphere having a smoking vs non-smoking babysitter. The smoking babysitters seemed like legitimate authority figures to me, like when they ordered me to do something I would look at them holding their cigarette and they seemed like an adult,.not a girl. who was 5 or 6 years older than me. The smoking babysitters seemed more confident.and bold, while the non-smoking girls were quieter and more meek. Plus being in the smoky atmosphere so much reminded me of my mom being home. In a sense it made me feel safe.

My mom was strict and always wanted a babysitter to watch me though my early teens. To my shock and horror when I was 19 (and still living at home) my mom had me stay with a babysitter (one of her co-workers) one weekend when she went out of town. She said I was too immature to stay at home alone. I did look immature,.some people guessed I was only 12!.

I still thought I could.easily handle staying at home alone but my mom was totally against it and dropped me off at her friend's house. To my shock, this lady was super strict with me (which is what my mother told her I need), made me do chores, yelled at me, enforced a bedtime etc....all while smoking. Her smoking seemed to amplify her bitchiness and made the whole experience seem all the more extreme....which is interesting because I was so used to.beimg around cigarette smoke..

Anyways that seemed like a traumatic experience tomme at the time.and I really resented having to stay at her place being treated like a kid. Yet as the years go by I romanticize that weekend and replay the whole thing back in my mind. Now I found a.role play escort to play the part of my mom's friend so I can relive this again..