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Posted by new2this on 2019-11-10 15:21:08

My shaft is the size of a toilet paper tube when it is soft. The head is 3/8 inch bigger around than the shaft when soft and it is 1-5/8 inches long. The circumcision scar is a little bit over 1 inch back from the head when soft. It is dark brown in color and is pretty wide. On the underside it forms an upside down V so I assume that I was circumcised with a Mogen Clamp when I was born. When it is soft I can push the shaft skin towards the head but the scar lacks touching the crown of the head by about 3/8 inch. When I am erected, the shaft increases to 7-7/8 inches in length from my pubic bone to the tip of the head and increases in girth to about 3 inches across. The shaft is light brown in color, the scar is really dark brown and the skin from the scar to the head is light pink. I like the three different color shades. The head gets really deep purple and swells a lot bigger around. The whole ridge of the head is ultra sensitive. The scar is really sensitive when I am hard and running my finger around the scar makes me tremble and makes my pen-s twitch. The bottom of the head, where that piece of skin is, is even more sensitive. When I am hard, the skin on the shaft moves just a tiny bit but when I try to push it towards the tip it is too tight mostly. My brother who is a year older is about the same as mine but his scar is kinda lopsided. Looking down at it from the top side it is closer to the head on one side than it is on the other side. Top and bottom is the same as mine though. He says that his is just as sensitive too. Our dads is somewhat bigger than ours but his skin is really tight and he has the dark scar too. We have three guy cousins and they are cut about like us. All of us have the dark scar. Most of our friends are circumcised and some are like ours and some have skin wrinkled behind the head. On a couple the scar is not noticeable. My girlfriend says that her father is not circumcised and neither is her little brother. They moved here from Mexico two years ago so that may be the reason why. She really likes the way mine looks. When mine is soft, it hangs down, but slightly outwards in front of the sack. When I am erected, it points upwards towards my stomach with a slight curve kinda like a banana. My brothers pen-s points straight out and slightly to the right when he is erected. I have never seen my dad erected so I cannot say about his.