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Reply to cut

Posted by Matthew on 2003-06-14 17:38:11

I am one of those babies that was circumcised only I was two years old at the time. I still remember it, that is after I woke up and was really sore for about two or three days. Now Thinking back on it: it scares me. What I have found on the internet about circum. scares me Just thinking what could of happened. Should there been a mishap and they had mutilated me beon repair. The American academy of medicine back in the fifties and sixties, even now push for gender reasignment upon mutilation of $%#* even thou it has been proven it does not work. Causing suicides or saver depresstion for life. Is it whorth the chance putting you new born son throw it? Now if you choose to it is ababsolutely okay it is your rights as parents for what ever the reason.