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Taking your kids swimming fully clothed in thier shoes and sock for fun

My Wet Family

Posted by Wetgalfan on 2020-03-13 20:33:12

We have five kids and a pond with a dock and a raft in the backyard. At least one kid is soaking wet fully clothed every day in the summer and most days all of them are. If they aren't pushing each other in, they're daring each other to jump in. Usually they take their shoes off, but not always. The rules are that once they get wet, they stay outside. Our kids aren't bothered by that at all. My wife and I often join them. Pond water won't hurt clothes like pool water does. If they're swimming in our pond in their clothes all day, they aren't out getting into trouble and they aren't stuck in front of TV, the computer, video games or glued to their phones. They're outside playing.