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Would you spank her?

To eager to punish?

Posted by Dazo on 2014-03-20 18:08:39

I have noticed that most agree that my 'hypothetical 10 year old daughter' should be spanked but I believe over zealous pro-spankers might be influencing the voting of the final question.

The principle is that a naughty girl should not be allowed to push the envelope to see what she can get away with, so she must be spanked very hard and very often, which is the most popular vote.

However I think most people are forgetting that I specifically stated that my 'Hypothetical daughter' in the poll is actually a very GOOD girl. :(

Posted by analee on 2014-03-21 01:00:30

i think girls should be spanked only for serious offenses. but, as you know, even good girls can sometimes be very bad. and that's when she deserves a serious spanking.

Posted by Dazo on 2014-03-31 05:24:53

Dear analee

Well it seems almost everyone agrees that spanking children improves their memory.

Posted by analee on 2014-04-01 18:26:26

yeah, but i think at some point, with some people, it could just be abusive. a girl who forgets things should be disciplined, if it's important, but i dont think she needs to be spanked. i just think that girls do a lot of things that make us deserving of punishment, and when you start spanking girls for little things, the message is lost, and girls just start to think it's all really unfair.

i was punished a bit too harsh i think for some things. when i was a teen, i thought it was really unfair and i rebelled more. later, i understood that a lot of the things i did, i deserved my spankings, and they did keep me from doing more bad things sometimes. but if i was spanked for things like forgetting my homework sometimes, i would have gone mad and run away from home, thinking that my bottom woudl be always burning from a nightly spanking.

Posted by Dazo on 2014-04-02 15:33:09

Dear analee

Hence why this poll asks the question would you spank her?, (for what she did in the poll) the question is not asking would you spank a young girl? To that question the universal misterpoll answer is yes.

I have said before a girl does not need to be severely spanked and made to cry for everything. Your example is also a good analee 1:-

"if I was spanked for things like forgetting my homework sometimes, I would have gone mad and run away from home, thinking that my bottom would be always burning from a nightly spanking."

I have already said a motivational spanking does not need to be severe and if a girl's reason why she has not done her homework is a valid 1 she should not be spanked at all! Grown ups seldom give kids a chance to explain first.

OK admittedly some kids will lie to get themselves out of the trouble they just caused. In this case she broke something:-

"No it wasn't me, he did it!" or "It was already broken!" etc

or she was caught doing something she was told not to do:-

"Its not my fault they made me do it", or "I had to because 'insert stupid reason here'"

The girl in the poll is a good girl so she did not lie and blame reason X she said "I'm Sorry, I forgot!/it was an accident!"

I have never agreed with any person who believes discipline to be the be-all and end-all of everything (whether or not it has anything to do with spanking) and many such people have very strongly verbally denied that this is their only aim even though their attitude to enforcing discipline proves that it is.

I hate such people because they are basically bullies and yet anti spankers will always twist it round to make it sound that every single person who spanks is always one of these people.

Hence the thread 'Too eager to punish?'

Another point you made as well analee " i thought it was really unfair" Because the memories we have from when we are kids are so strong it only takes 1, only 1 unjust punishment to totally and completely destroy a child's faith in the integrity of an adult and yet everyone makes mistakes.

I was always being spanked by my mum and other women (mostly by my most hated teacher) as a little kid which is why I have advocated the spanking of mothers who give unjust spankings. Many voted in my previous poll the mother who gave her son an unjust spanking should NOT offer herself to her son to be spanked because she would enjoy it and she would not actually be being punished.

The point of the question was that the mother admitted her mistake and submitted to her son giving her the same spanking that she gave him.

What really $%!@ed me off as a kid was when the grown ups refused to admit it when THEY were wrong and I knew they were wrong as an irrefutable concrete FACT!

And yet they got away unpunished, so just like you said "...... I rebelled!"