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Would you spank her?

something a little off topic

Posted by analee on 2014-03-29 02:26:38

when i see the title of this poll, Would you spank her?, i always want to click on it, forgetting that i already did. for some reason, i think of something totally different than the 9 yr old girl as the subject.

i picture a girl standing in the middle of a room. her bf, and maybe a few others, are discussing if she needs a spanking. they discuss how bad she is, how dirty she is. what kind of spanking she deserves, over the knee, or bent over. how naked will she be, will she be tied down? what instrument shoudl be used on her, how many swats should she get, for how long? how much pain should she feel?

and the girl stands there, listening, as they discuss her punishment.

and of course the girl is me.

so that's what i think about whenever i see the title, Would you spank her?

Posted by Dazo on 2014-03-29 03:41:19

Dear analee

I see exactly where you are coming from with this post. However I wanted to see if people would want to give a little girl a punishment spanking in 2 very specific situations even though the girl had no intention of misbehaving or doing anything bad.The only options being, no spanking, reminder spanking, punishment level spanking.

Your post:"Picture a girl......others, are discussing if she needs a spanking.... ....punishment......the girl is me!" represents 70% of female spanking polls on misterpoll.

ie the most common spanking poll (about half of all of them) are basically just asking "How would you like to spank me?"

Which is why I avoided it. In most of such polls the girls crimes are either very generalized, vague and non specific, or a single very specific or basic thing that is simply a 'maguffin' leading to a fanciful series of questions about what punishments the girl (who is also usually the poll writer) should be given and what should be done to her with what implement and for how long.

This gives such widely different voting results that the poll tells you nothing.

PS I would be happy to give you a fantasy punishment analee and (I do not know this but I am guessing here) I believe many of the girls who write such polls are actually fantasizing about your above scenario and are imagining that the results voted for in the poll are the decisions that have been made by the group of people who are discussing her fate even if she is to be given the punishment voted for in the poll in real life because such fantasies are sexual arousing.

Posted by Sporty Girl on 2022-04-20 04:55:12


I don't know if you are still around or not, but I would like if you could give me a fantasy spanking, or even a "prescription spanking" for actual misbehavior.

I have posted several polls on here, pretty much the scenario you described above are the results I got, but the difference is, all of the polls are for things I actually did at the time (or problems I've had through my whole life, cough procrastination cough, and still struggle with). I was hoping to get real answers I could use to punish myself as I don't really have anyone to hold me accountable, but 90% or more of the actual answers were far fetched and bordering on abusive. Some of the polls I even put a place for "what would you do if there were no laws/limits/etc and you had free reign hoping to get all the ridiculous answers there and real answers throughout the poll. It helped some but not much.

Thanks for your time, Sporty Girl

Posted by dnalgne on 2024-01-01 17:48:29

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