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Would you spank her?

Guess I am in the.minority

Posted by dallasvoyer on 2014-05-03 14:20:59

I was one of the 2% that wouldn't have spanked either. Yes I have a spanking fetish when it comes to adults. When it comes to disciplining kids that's another thing. I'm generally against it. Both scenarios dealt with a little girl who is generally good making mistakes not an envelope pushing brat. As for the dangerous scenario it depends what happened. I did take issuewwith the"I'm sorry." Options because it made it look like we would just say "There, there don't do it again." Corrective steps would have been taken. Also at the end of the poll, you left no option not to spank but I did pick the first choice because there are rare moments where spanking is the appropriate action.

Posted by Dazo on 2014-05-03 23:34:56

Dear dallasvoyer

I did note on the other thread that I felt that many people were too eager to punish her when I had specifically stated that she was not a bad girl. I left the option of whether or not to spank her. In the case of the last question I wanted to see which of 3 spanking philosophies was the preferred one. The last 2 questions were general and not specifically relating to THIS girl and I know anti spankers would reject all 3 but that is not the issue with this question.

As far as possible I try to allow people to disagree by putting a non-spanking option to avoid weighting my polls but this is not always possable.

The absolute WORST offenders in this regard are pro-gun poll makers as they deliberately write polls that if you take them you cannot possibly disagree with their opinion of being in favour of absolutely everyone having guns without looking stupid because either their is no anti gun option or if there is an anti-gun option they always put a stupid and illogical reason for selecting it and makes it so that you HAVE to answer that question when your real opinion is not there.

I Sincerely and truly apologize if it looked to you like I was one of those pro gun lunatics who are always weighting their polls with lies and hypocrisy to make it look like everyone who is anti gun is mentally retarded anarchist and putting words in other peoples mouths.

I as a pro-spanker I fully support a parents right to chose NOT to spank and will not think they are a stupid or retarded loony left anarchist for having that opinion which is what all pro gun owners think I am.

PS. In some of my polls there are questions that have assumed everyone who takes the poll is 100% pro-spanking so there is no anti spanking option but in this case I take your point that I could have worded it better or added an extra option.