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Would you spank her?

Results so far, l got spanked today

Posted by dallasvoyer on 2014-07-09 00:44:50

http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/593611 7/9/14 8:53am

Since the poll was launched on June 29, 2014 54 have taking this poll. Even though the poll is to be taken with in 24 hours of being spanked an exception was made for one female from the UK who received a severe canning and had to take it 3 days later. Teenagers take the lead in receiving the most spankings. Which is not surprising since they are still kids, however some are being spanked up to the age of 19. Young adults 20-25 come in next at 12%. No 40 year olds at this point have not been spanked.

Little girls maybe made of sugar and spice and everything nice however beat out the little boys 62 to 37% on receiving discipline spankings. Dads are edging out moms by 3% in administering spankings. Between 5-6pm and 8-9 pm are not good times to test patience while so far between 7-8am has been the eye of the storm with zero spankings.

At 100% the pants are coming off with little or no buffer when the hairbrush is connecting with the backside at 38%. Be sure and watch your tone with mom and dad because back talk your tail fired up so bad you will be crying and apologizing while being spanked. Seventy percent of you stipulate your spanking was justified however 40% of you are not learning your lesson because you can't stay out of trouble. Forty-four percent of you are brave enough to take this poll after your buns are still burning. Thanks!

Any thoughts?