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Would you spank her?

How to raise and punish a girl age 13-18

Posted by Nadine Liran on 2016-09-25 14:48:21

Hello everybody, Nadine here. I have taken the time to make two polls. They are not listed, so you can only access them over the direct link. Both of them deal with the topic punishments for girls age 13 to 18. The first one deals with the question what actions should a girl get punished for. What actions could be let slide. http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/614940

The second one deals with what kind of punishments girls should recieve. It is the follow up poll so please take the upper one first. Once taken and decided what actions should result in punishment, you can decide what kind of punishment would be best for a girl http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/614942

Thank you a lot for taking the polls. They are based on my personal real life experience, btw, so dont be ridiculous with your answers, because I will see that instantly.

Posted by EmilyA80 on 2020-03-22 14:13:36

I have a teenaged daughter ( now 14) From about 8-13 she was spanked, but over clothes. I would pull up her dress but spank over her panties. She has developed a teenagers attitude, so now she gets spanked bare bottom regardless of if she’s wearing pants or a dress.

Posted by suckspacifier on 2024-01-13 14:29:37

Our two daughters are a year apart at 14 and 15 and we use spanking on them.Back when they were 11 and 12,they both made their First Holy Communions and per the parish dress code had to wear a tee shirt and toddler size rubberpants under their communion dresses.The rubberpants fit both of them tight and they did not like having to wear them!Afterwards,i put their dresses and veils away,but kept the rubberpants out and put them in their drawers.Since then,when one of them misbehaves and deserves a spanking,she has to take off her panties and put on the tight fitting rubberpants and lay over dads lap and get her spanking.The rubberpants increase the pain of the spanking by constricting the blood vessels in the butt cheeks!Their spankings are done on saturday morning and after the spanking,the rubberpants have to be worn as their panties for the rest of the weekend.