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America vs Russia

Cold War II

Posted by Halloween 1 on 2014-04-27 14:34:34

I am old enough to remember the first cold war. The U.S.S.R. marching into Checoslouvaki, The Warsaw Pact, etc. And from what I am seeing Putin wishes to bring back the Soviet Union and if Obama does not stand up to him instead of just jack jawing we will be seeing a new take over of Checko, Poland, Romania, etc, maybe even East Germany. While this is good for the CIA, MI6 business, it needs to be stopped NOW.

Posted by shaun h on 2014-04-27 17:58:57

Having studied history, I have to agree with you. And I'm hoping that if we have a new cold war, it don't get hot! Putin is nothing more than Joe Stalin in a smart suit from what I can see, so let's hope he don't get his way.