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ballbusting for girls

Young girls killing boys and adult males

Posted by smaxam on 2014-06-09 19:56:10

I like the responses in this poll, which is mostly by girls 11-13. I think they should be allowed to terminate boys and adult males if they think they deserve it. If any male does anything at all to a girl, she should hang him or terminate him whatever way she wants. He should willingly submit to his termination because he knows he's got it coming to him. A lot of males agree they deserve it, and most women know that 80% of all males deserve it. I encourage any female of any age to respond to this and express her willingness to actually do it.

Posted by Cuteboy16 on 2017-07-25 05:20:01

As a boy I tell you're absolutely right. Ballbusting should be legalized for any Female all over the world. Its getting quite normal these days especially for younger girls kicking us guys in the balls. Its ok for me and the other boys. We males deserve it. But not only when a boy does anything to a Girl, no also they should hit our balls just for fun of the Girls. This would give all respect and power to the Females! And we boys have to submit.

Posted by Onesweet1 on 2018-10-13 18:17:38

Yeah, girls can control boys by using their balls. Girls can get boys to do anything they want by either making their balls feel good for a reward or by making their balls feel excruciating pain for punishment. Young girls should hit, kick & knee boys in their balls for fun regularly so boys don't forget what girls can do to those sensitive balls hanging between their legs. It's even better for girls to reach in boys pants and grabs & squeezes their naked balls so they can make the pain last as long as they want and feel the actual balls right in their hands and the boy can feel the girl's hands right on his sack while she's squeezing the balls hanging inside his sack. Boys need to be controlled. So yeah, girls should bust boys balls, that's mostly why boy's balls are hanging there.