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Tied up!

Iwas tied uo by my Girl Friends

Posted by Moosehunter on 2014-12-25 07:39:42

I have been tied up by 3 of my girl friends and married the last one.

I've been tied up on my bed, in a smoke house, on the floor and on a chair/stool. I'm always naked when tied up, sometimes face up other times face down. My legs are mostly spread wide.

I am now hairless front and back for the area covered by my boxers.

I have had my face sat on, been played with and my hairless areas spanked hard.

Posted by nakedrhode on 2014-12-27 17:10:11

I have been tied up before naked and the most memorable time has to be as the naked play thing to a friends sister on her 18th birthday . I was tied to a chair in their living room and her sister and five of her sisters friends had great fun with me for several hours . nakedrhode@gmail.com