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Girls only please: Spanking and coroporal punishment of girls

My daughters punishments.

Posted by Lindac on 2014-10-09 15:33:40

My daughter has just reached 18. She has had countless bare bottom hand spankings, the slipper and 12 canings. She does take her punishments reasonably well. When I want to hand smack her she takes her skirt off and then places herself over my knee and I take her knickers down to knee level and her top up to the level of her bra. When she has the slipper or cane she takes her skirt and top off and bends over the chair and again I take her knickers down. Usually she gets 6 strokes on her bare bottom. About a year ago she started messing around but I soon bought her back in to line by unclipping her bra.


Posted by doreen-e on 2015-01-21 07:06:30

hi linda, my daughter is 16 and she gets regurlarly spanked and caned for her behavings, but she doesnt take the punishment well, so i always call me sister to hold her down firmly. she has to Strip naked and get her punishment mostly in a diaper Position, but one of us had to hold her legs as alternative i give her enemas and Soap sticks, have you tried this also? brgds doreen

Posted by emily5 on 2015-03-12 18:14:07

Linda and Doreen,

These are all good ideas, as I know to my cost. I'm 20 and still caned, at least 12 strokes, and also get corner time in the living room. I always have to be naked for the cane, though just bare butt for an otk spanking. I get diaper position spankings for certain offenses, with legs held or tied well spread above my head. I also get soap sticks and enemas sometimes. So I can say from experience that all these measures are effective for an older but obstinate and impulsive naughty girl. Six strokes of the cane is not enough for an 18 yo girl. It needs to be doubled as a minimum. emily.edwards5@aol.com

Posted by emily5 on 2015-04-21 12:24:04

When i lived at home until last year, i was strictly disciplined by my mom. I was badly behaved and got a lot of spankings. Now I'm married and living with in-laws, who think I need more training and supervision, reinforced by otk hairbrush spankings from MIL and the cane from FIL (and hubby when he's home, which he isn't for now). When I questioned whether I should still be disciplined as a married woman of 20, by her hubby's parents not just him, MIL made me do this poll.

These options are not my recommendations, but ones suggested by friends and family. So thoughtful!


Posted by SUZI_F on 2015-09-25 16:34:44

Doreen - congrats on monitoring both behavior and bowel movements, the soap-sticks help with both, Private chat if you want at sugarfish35@hushmail.com (revised address)