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Who did you tickle?

the tickling

Posted by garrylol on 2014-12-20 17:47:55

My girlfriend has a blonde hair, green eyes and pretty beautiful body as well. And she is ticklish as well ;) Okay it began when I was at home(alone), I was laying on my bed when my phone rang.my girlfriend called me and asked me if I want us to meet now, just to be together. I agreed and waited her to come. She came in to my house.She wore a white T-shirt, short jeans and flip flops. I suggested to see a movie, she agreed and we began watching it, I think it was "Grown Ups". When she laughed at the movie I told her that she has a beautiful smile. She smiled and kissed me. " I think I found a way to make you smile for long time" I said.She smiled again and asked what is it. I kissed her and told her to stay on the bed and close her eyes ,she did as I said. I came out the room to bring 2 cuffs. When I came back I saw that her eyes are still closed."I am here honey, don't open your eyes yet" I said. "OK" she replied. I asked her to lay on the bed face down, I helped her a bit. When she was laying I counted to three in my heart to be ready and took cuffed her hands that fast that she could not do anything. she opened her eyes and tried to struggle, but her hands were already cuffed. I moved straight to her feet, her flip flops were still on at that time. I cuffed her ankles as well.I got off her and moved to talk with her."What are you doing john? Let me out now!" she said, but she was not furious. "Wait a minute Kim, I just want you to smile nicely like you always do, but for longer time, well and laugh as well" I said with a smile."Laugh? Wait you don't mean you are going to tickle me?" she asked but it seems like she actually want to be tickled by me. "That's right, well let the laugh begin".A second after I said it I sat next to her and tickled her belly. She was laughing loudly." There you go, I like this smile of yours". I said with laugh. I continued to tickle her belly for a couple of minutes, then I gave her a bit of break because she laughed too much. After the short break I came to her feet.. Her feet are not just ticklish, when my finger is about to touch her feet she is already laughing. I took off her flip flops and she looked in a look that was full of fear."John, please, tickle any place, any other place, but please leave the feet alone". Well, when someone who is in the middle of ticklling and has a tickling fetish as well, to hear something like that means that her feet must be tickled. I took a red feather that was at my desk. " I really like your smile Kim". I said. "Johhhn noooo hahaha " well I guess you understand what happened. I kept tickling her feet for something like ten minutes and she was laughing hysterically along with her beautiful smile.

I hope that there are someone who wants to talk about tickling with me, If you don't, its OK as well :)

Posted by Vygr on 2014-12-26 14:22:08