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Clothing Restrictions

Results of my poll

Posted by Captain Ann on 2015-03-02 02:38:23

Well, as a result of this poll, I'll be getting rid of all my pants (even yoga pants), shorts, bras, panties, and skirts that are longer than mid-thigh. Winter isn't over, so I'm going to be cold for a few weeks at least. Especially because I can only wear sleeveless dresses and tops, with deep scoop necklines, side boob, loose draping, or some combination of the three. All my heels are warm weather shoes, so I'm going to be cold! Any suggestions on how I should stay warm?

Posted by kangaroo2 on 2015-03-03 15:24:09

Hi Ann, I can relate as I have to wear panty level micro minis after work and nanos to friends, parties and clubs.

I have layered pantyhose. He wants to show me off and in those outfits I can get quite chilly. So I put on 2 pair of pantyhose.
Guys seem to like when we get chilly.


Posted by HeatherSchecter on 2015-03-07 19:14:49

Hi Ann,

Great poll. I hope your husband is happy with the results. To stay warm, maybe you could ask him it it is OK to wear stocking. My boyfriend lets me wear these in the winter, and it really helps a lot even though they aren't very thick. Are you allowed to wear a jacket or anything?


Posted by Captain Ann on 2015-03-07 19:40:50

Thanks, Heather. He definitely likes the look. I'll ask him about the stockings. I am allowed to wear a jacket if it's below freezing.

Posted by midknite_bc on 2015-03-20 07:53:23

Great poll Ann!

I am sort of the male version of the situation. My wife doesn't allow me to wear much clothing. I rarely have shirt on. At home, I'm usually wearing just briefs or swim trunks or I'm naked. When we go out, im allowed to wear a long coat and boots with no shirt and usually a pair of shorts (no underwear).