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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

Topic Posts Last Poster Latest
Boy, 15yo, extensive tests and intrusive exams at shielded center 2 leonamargret 1 year
Boy 13yo North Am, extensive health exams with pelvic endoscopies 2 grinders 1 year
Boy, 11yo, USAi,ntimate exam at school under anesthesia to hunt for sexual abuse 1 Aquila 1 year
Girl, 11yo, internal exams with pelvic focus, ballet school 1 Aquila 1 year
Girl 16yo, North America, strange abdominal exam and surgeries 2 awayness 2 years
Girl, 14yo Extensive tests and inspections to hunt for signs of sexual abuse 1 Aquila 2 years
Boy, 12yo, Asia, extensive exam to investigate sexual abuse 1 Aquila 2 years
Boy, 7yo, extensive radiological exams and possible endosocpies at school 2 Samuel Carroll 2 years
What food supplements do you use? 2 anna44 simpson 2 years
Boy, Germany, 15-20yo, used in project to study intimate aspects of development 1 Aquila 2 years
Made-up crap 8 lsdigital 2 years
Girl, 10-14yo, latin America, intrusive medical research program by Montessori S 2 ledam40306 2 years
Boy, 12yo, Western Europe, intimate exploration of sexual abuse of habits 1 Aquila 2 years
traveling abroad 4 jcpenneiy 2 years
Boy, 10yo, Australia, extensive pelvic-focused exam 1 Aquila 3 years
GIRL, 15yo, Australia, intrusive genital, urinary digestive exam 1 Aquila 3 years
New poll to vote 1 shinou 3 years
Boy, 13yo, extensive, intrusive exam by Montessori school 1 Aquila 3 years
Boy, 14yo, Eastern Europe, thorrough pelvic examination ordered by school 1 Aquila 3 years
Online casino. 2 Litvin 3 years