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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

Girl, 13 yo, North America, Pelvic-focused health examination

Posted by Aquila on 2017-11-29 11:02:15

Girl, 13 yo, North America, Pelvic-focused health examination

I am female. It happened in North America, in 2015 or later, 13 years old, xalled in by a letter in mail. They fetched me in an ambulance or special car from home, to a regular hospital. Other selection criteria.


I was not allowed to eat ome time before the exam. I got laxatives at home to clean out my stomach the day before the exam. They washed my body before the exam and I got a traditional enema before the exam to clean out my stomach.


I was totally naked through all the procedures. I had to strip totally naked before the exam. They placed me upon something like a dentist's chair but with devices to lift my legs onto. I was placed to lay on my back with my legs flexed up spread and mounted upon these two devices.

I got IVs tubes into blood vessels in an arm, a blood pressure monitor wrapped around an arm or a leg, and electrodes on my cheast, my stomach or hip region, legs and head. I got a tube or sond in through my anus.

I got anesthesia through tubes into my blood vessels. I got some numbing and lubricating cream injected into my urinary opening and vagina. The anesthesia only took away pain and made me relaxed, but I was conscious.


They performed an EEC (electroencephalogram) - functional test of the brain with electrodes on the head. They performed an ECG functional test of the heart function with electrodes on my chest and other body areas. They performed an analysis of my breathing and oxygen uptake where I had to breath into a tube.

They examined my with an ultrasound device or something similar at my head and neck, upper body, stomach area, shoulder area, hip area, arms and legs.

They used the installed electrodes to record functions inside my head, chest, belly and limbs.

They examined my genitals with an ultrasound device and thet had electrodes at my genitals to record functions in this area.


They inspected the inside of my throut with a scope. They inspected the inside of my urethra and bladder with a scope.
They used a speculum in my vagina and explored it with a finger. They took specimens from my vagina with a tube. They inspected my vagina with a scope and with an unltrasound probe.

They explore mu anus eith a finger, inspected my anus with a speculum, and took specimens from my anus with a tube. They inspected me through my anus with an ultrasound probe. They performed a full colonoscopy with a flexible scope.


I had catheter into my bladder, a tube going in through my anus, and lay with my legs in stirrups some time after the exam a couple hours, then took me home.


I attended ordinary daytime school.


This is a standardized health exam that steadily more societies around the globe do at kids of this age, some at all kids, some at a percent of kids arbitrarily selected, and some at kids showing some physical, mental or social deviation from a very strict standard the society has established.

These ordeals are not spoken openly about to the public and what is done is often shielded by deep sedation or general anesthesia, which is unnecessary and poses risks to the kids. In this case the girl only god moderate sedation, or the sedation did not work as intended.

The inspections through the pelvic openings and the orthopeic examinations with ultrasound are always done during these ordels, but other examinations vary somewhat.

Having the kid lying in an open position after the main ordeal, usually in stirrups, and often with arms flexted up at the side of the head, and with tubes in bladder, anus and possibly other body openings, usully also occurs. One reason for this is to have controle of body functions in the recovery period, but the tubes are also used to record body functions for examination purposes.

These exams are done to detect health problems and development problems at an early tume, but equally important purposes are surveillance and controle of the kids by the society and research.

Both boys and girls undergo these ordeals. Usually they were done more often on boys, but in the recent years the societies seem to call in girls more frequntly.

Kids having these exams at the preteen or early teen period, usually had a similar ordeal around the age 6-8, and will usually be called in anew later in the puberty.

Knut Holt


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