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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

Girls, Eastern Europe, 9,11,13yo, health check with extensive internal inspectio

Posted by Aquila on 2018-03-14 05:20:22

Girls, Eastern Europe, 9,11,13yo, health check with extensive internal inspections

I am male. I answer poll as physiscian, not a patient. It happened in Eastern Europem, 1980-1989, on girls 9 years old 11 year old 13 years old. I worked for goverment /state hospital solvakia. Sorry english is not so good. (The language somewhat brushed up under the edition).

It happened as a routine health check with data collection on random girls selected from local city with parents. They were checked and used to represent whole country as example. Although no force was used it was compuslary in the sense that if they did not come when selected, state healthcare and benefits got stopped.

The parents drove them to the exam at a regular hospital.


They were not allowed to eat some time before the exam. They were given a gown but were naked under the gown in the time they stayed awake and had to take all clothes off just before the procedures.

When first stripped they were placed on a little metal table like at a morgue. One weighted the patient on it and measure height, and firther wosthed them on this table.

The stomach was cleaned out by a tube incerted into the anus that was connected to some pump and flush mashine. (Uncertain from the testamonial if this happened on this table or later)

One then then transfered them to opertion table in lithomy position for access to genital and $%!@ opening. It this psoirion they lay on back with legs flexed, spread and mounted upon two devices.

They got IVs tubes into blood vessels in an arm, a device on a finger or a toe to measure pulse and oxygen in blood, a blood pressure monitor wrapped around an arm or a leg, electrodes on cheast, a tube or wire in through urethra.

They got anesthesia through tubes into blood vessel, anesthesia gas to breath in through a mask. One then paralyzed whole body and they got artificial breathing, all of which put them completely to sleep.


One performed an EEC (electroencephalogram) - functional test of the brain with electrodes on the head. They used electrodes at chest to record body functions. They performed an analysis of breathing and oxygen uptake where they had to breath into a tube.

They examined upper body and hip area with an ultrasound device or something similar. They took x-ray pictures of chest, hip area and limbs.


They inspected the inside of throut with a scope. They took specimens from throut with a tube, throut culture.

One performed gastroscopy, OGD, and took samples from stomach.


Done to obtain tissue samples and take measurements.

They inspected the inside of urethra and bladder with a scope. They took specimens from urethra with a tube. They took specimens from bladder with a tube. Bladder biopsy taken.

The doctor explored vagina with a finger. They used a speculum in vagina. They took specimens from vagina with a tube, vaginal and cervical swabs.


Done to obtain tissue samples and take measurements.

The doctor explored anus with a finger. They took specimens from anus with a tube. They inspected the girls through anus high up with a flexible scope. $%!@ biopsy and biopsy from sigmoid and large bowel.


The girls had breathing tube, IVs into blood vessels, electrodes on body. They had catheter into bladder left to recovery ward, catheter in situ as protocol following biopsy of bladder. The parents took them home the next day.


I attended ordinary daytime school. Was regular state funded schools used.


This ordeal follows a protocol used for health screening and health statistics on selected kids in selected communities in great parts of the world. The protocoll has a fairly long history, and is still going on, especially in North America, but this testamonial and others tells that Eastern Europe is a part of the enterprize.

There are testamonials about the protocoll both from North America, South America, Asia, Western Europe and Eastern Europe, and the political state of the comunteies does not seem to influence the protocoll, which poonts to some international coordination, probably through the United Nations system.

Knut Holt


Posted by Jana2005 on 2020-11-15 18:46:41

I've experienced something similar, so I want to ask if only girls were investigated, or even their parents or siblings?


Posted by Aquila on 2020-11-17 06:57:48


I am the one that runs these polls. By now I have some hundred reports. I can generally tell this

  • Boys are assessed in much the same way . I actually have more reports about boys that girls. But some areas tend to investigate girls more than boys, especially eastern Europe, while other tend to investigate boys more than girls, especially North America.
  • Often siblings are assessed
  • Parents are mot so often assessed, but in some of the latest reports I have got, this is told about, especially eastern Europe and Australia.
  • Sometimes parents get instruction to check the kids daily or weekly and take specimens from the kids and send in, and do the same on themselves.

Doctors or staff engaged in these projects are often not aware of the world.wide spread programs, and often believe that the local government is the responsible.

It could be interesting of you tell more about your experiences. Especially I need more information about how parents are involved and what parents are instructed to do with the kids.

You can talk privately through my email aquila_grande@yahoo.no, or you can take the poll.

I also have this message board. Here you find several threads about whole families being involved.


Posted by Jana2005 on 2020-11-17 22:04:45

Thank you for your reply. Recently, I have seen more and more cases where whole families, i.e. both parents and all children, are investigated for educational problems. I understand that medical examinations will provide a great deal of interesting information for research purposes. But I don't know why they're being examined together after taking suppressive medication. After the dampening, the gynecological examination in front of the father and brothers as well as the brothers in front of the sisters and mother is very stressful and unpleasant.

Posted by Aquila on 2020-11-18 00:22:04

The purpose of these ordeals seem to be the following

  • Medical research
  • To conform kids to strict standards set by those ruling society. regarding emotions, body function, body shape, sexuality and thinking.
  • Producing people that obey society without questioning
  • Trying out new methods for these purposes.
  • Using kids as donors of tissue for the benefit of others than the kids themselves

It looks like this activity grows steadily more in many societies. But to subject as many as possible to these programs, they try to make them as cheap as possible. Gathering families together this way is a cheap way of doing it.

The suppressive medication is of course a tool to control the families.

To be a little political: These ordeals are a practical aspect of steadily more fascistic societies in the western world.