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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

My daughter's extended, intrusive health check up & thorough examination

Posted by Aquila on 2018-04-20 18:31:35


I did not mean to close the debate, but the thread got too long, and the thread took a form that might give the impression that I am recruiting children for these exams.

I guess a sleep study was conducted during the night. If so, I wonder which type of monioring were performed?:

  • Brain activity by electrodes on her head

  • Heart activity by electrodes

  • Breathing by some collection device by her mouth and nose

  • Muscular activity by electrodes on her body

  • Urine output by catheter

  • Bowel activity by recording device and specimen collection tube through anus

  • Vaginal activity by inserted recording device and specimen collection tube.

  • Movements by camera recording

  • Any IV for anesthesia.

And I am especially interested in the type of machines or anaylysis equipment that the wires or tubes from these collection points were connected to.

How were she clothed during the sleep study, if such was performed.

One reson Iask these questions, is to get more information about sleep studies in general.

Regards Knut Holt

Posted by awayness on 2018-04-21 19:52:44

You can discuss it all you want on my poll's discussion page https://www.misterpoll.com/forums/286397

I think that while a lot of government people want to force a lot of dumb bureaucratic things, that LEARNING is important, and the study of health is worth any mild discomfort or embarrassment. I don't like body hair removal, but if it was important for a study I'd let them. Did you shave your daughter yourself? Were you surprised at any of her answers when they asked for her detailed sexual activities and interests?

I find it silly to be wearing any clothes at all for this sort of thing, especially putting them BACK on in between parts of the study, but it got absolutely absurd when they went in the water. What were they thinking? More importantly, what were they testing? I guess a person might fall into water at any time so it's useful to know something about that.

I'm skeptical of the effect of pthalates on simple skin contact but that's exactly why these sorts of tests need to be done.

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