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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

Girl, 11yo, North America, thorough intrusive development assessment

Posted by Aquila on 2021-06-01 01:48:41

Girl, 11yo, North America, thorough intrusive development assessment

It happened in North America with our dougter, in the period 2000-2009, when she was 11 year old . Writing on behalf of daughters experience. Simply my wife and me told her that she had an appointment with a new dr.

We dove her to the exam. It happened a selected percentage of the children in her school of the age group. Exam took a place on a University campus.


She was given a gown but was naked under the gown in the time she stayed awake. They placed her upon an advanced surgical table. She was placed to lay on her back with her legs flexed up, spread and mounted upon two devices. She was placed to lay on her stomack with streight legs. She was placed to lay on her stomach with her legs flexed down and spread.

She got IV tubes into blood vessels in an arm. She got a device on a finger or a toe to measure pulse and oxygen in her blood. She got electrodes on her cheast. She got a tube or wire in through her urethra.

She got something to swallow. Parts of her body got numbed by a shot with a syringe. She got anesthesia gas to breath in through a mask. She got some numbing and lubricating cream injected into her urinary opening.

The anesthesia made her relaxed but she was conscious. The anesthesia made her sleep mostly but she woke up occationally.

General routine physical occured on a slightly inclined regular exam couch but once it was finished and she prepped with cannula etc, she was taken into adjoining room.

She was placed ib a surgical style table, lithomy position, stirrups, helf legs wide and high off the bed.


They performed an analysis of her breathing and oxygen uptake where She had to breath into a tube. She had to do some physical work like cycling or running on a threadmill when the ECG and breathing analysis was performed.

They examined her head or neck with an ultrasound device or something similar. They took chest x-ray pictures. They took x-ray pictures of her limbs. They examined her genitals with an ultrasound device.


They inspected the inside of her urethra and bladder with a scope. They took specimens from her urethra with a tube. They took specimens from her bladder with a tube.

They used a speculum in her vagina. They took specimens from her vagina with a tube. They inspected her vagina with a scope. They inspected her through her vagina with an ultrasound probe. The doctor explored her vagina with a finger.

They took specimens from her anus with a tube. They inspected her through her anus with a rigid scope. The doctor explored her anus with a finger.

Multiple swabs and biopsies from vagina, urethra, anus. Hysteroscopy and endometrial sample.


She had IVs into blood vessels. She had catheter into her bladder. She just lay some time in a bed to recover. She lay naked under a blanket after the exam.

She was one of first of the day so after waiting in recovery 5 hours we got to go home.


She went to some other type of main school.


In addition to being an exam for general health status, this was a thorrough assessment of all aspects of her physical development status.

The purpose seemed to be a scientiic project to study aspects of the develoment of kids, and also to use the kids to train medical students.

It is also possible that all kids that did not follow a rigid scheme for physical development established by the society had this exam.

Posted by leonamargret on 2022-08-29 04:30:48

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