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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

Boy, 15yo, extensive tests and intrusive exams at shielded center

Posted by Aquila on 2022-01-24 07:54:38

Boy, 15yo, extensive testing and intrusive intimate inspections with many other kids

I am male. It happened in Western Europe. 2010-2014 15 years old Stepmom told me one morning after getting changed for school that i would not be going to school that day and the next since i would be examined at a special institute. My parents drove me to the exam, to a special establishment used for these type of exams. My stepmom had me signed on for the exame, she took me to it. it was a 1 hour drive from home and the istitue was in a wooded area.


I got laxatives to clean out my stomach at the place where the exam took place. They washed my body before the exam. I was totally naked through all the procedures. They placed me upon a simple examination table. They placed me upon something like a dentist's chair but with devices to lift my legs onto.

I was placed to lay on my back with my legs flexed up spread and mounted upon two devices, on my right side, on my left side.

I got IVs tubes into blood vessels in an arm. I got a device on a finger or a toe to measure pulse and oxygen in my blood. I got a blood pressure monitor wrapped around an arm or a leg. I got electrodes on my cheast, on my stomach or hip region, on my head. I got a tube or wire in through my urethra. I got a tube or sond in through my anus.

Parts of me got numbed by a shot with a syringe. I got some numbing and lubricating cream injected into my urinary opening. The anesthesia made me relaxed but I was conscious.


They performed an EEC (electroencephalogram) - functional test of the brain with electrodes on the head. They performed an ECG functional test of the heart function with electrodes on my chest and other body areas. They performed an analysis of my breathing and oxygen uptake where I had to breath into a tube. I had to do some physical work like cycling or running on a threadmill when the ECG and breathing analysis was performed. They did some other type of test with advanced machines.

They examined my head or neck, my upper body, my stomach area, my shoulder area, my hip area, arms and legs with an ultrasound device or something similar.

They took chest x-ray pictures. They took stomach x-ray pictures. They took x-ray pictures of my limbs.

They used electrodes to record functions inside my head, at my chest, at my limbs to record body functions.

They examined my genitals with an ultrasound device. They had electrodes at my genitals to record functions in this area.


They ispected the inside of my nose with a scope They took specimens from my nose with a tube. They inspected the inside of my throat with a scope.

They inspected the inside of my urethra and bladder with a scope. They took specimens from my bladder with a tube.

They inspected my anus with a speculum. They took specimens from my anus with a tube. They performed a full colonoscopy with a flexible scope. The doctor explored my anus with a finger.


I do not know the reason for the exam. They were mostly pain free but especialy the urethra exam were embarresing


I had IVs into blood vessels. I had electrodes on my head. I had electrodes on my body. I had catheter into my bladder. I had a tube going in through my anus.

I lay with my legs in stirrups some time after the exam. Some other type of arrangements.

After the last exam i was taken to a ward whit other examined kids we al lay on our backs whit legs spread and raised and a tube in our anus etc. we were fully nude which was embarresing but not cold since the temp in the rooms was nice. after 1 night the tubes were removed and we were allowed to lay flat on our back whit no instrument attached to us. we were allowed o get our of bed to use the toilet but not out of the room. after an extra day we had our legs tested for function so we could walk out again if strong enough after 3 days immobility.

We were all dressed in just gowns when we were released. stepmom took me back home there i had to stay in jsut the gown and socks till monday when i had to return to school


I went to some other type of main school. it was a public middel school but not a boarding-school.


This is a standardized procedure used on kids in selected communities in all parts of the world. In some communities all kids go through it. It happens most often around age 7, 12 and 15.

The procedure is generally held secret for the public majority, and usually done at shielded centers lik this one in the woods.

It looks like these procedures are coordinated by an international unit, most probably WHO. The purpose is a detailed surveillance of the health and development of kids around the world.

But special institutions, like child protective units, also use the procedure to get a detailed knolege about each kid.

From the story it seems like many children in this community had the procedure, perhaps all, or all children that the child protective unit had some responsibility for. Therefor I think that the stepparent had got order of bringing the boy to the unit.

Letting the kids lay in opened positions with catheter in bladder, tube into anus and electrodes seem to be standard in these procedures. It looks like they study the body functions during this face. In this case it was also to help body functions because body parts were paralyzed with anesthetic drugs during the exam.

Details of the story seem to indicate that it happened in France.

Posted by leonamargret on 2022-08-25 11:15:37

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