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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

Girl, Norh Am, condition test, internal intimate exam in school groupp

Posted by Aquila on 2022-09-15 09:35:10

Girl, 12yo, North Am, condition tests and intrusive intimate exams in group from school

I am female. It happened in North America in 2015 or later, 12 years old. It was not announced. I was brought with my class to the gym. In a bus in group from our school. At a room in the school that was preliminary prepared for the event. It happened a selected percentage of the children in my community.


I was totally naked through all the procedures. I had to strip totally naked before the exam. They placed me upon something like a dentist's chair but with devices to lift my legs onto.


Parts of my body got numbed by a shot with a syringe. I got some numbing and lubricating cream injected into my urinary opening. I got lubricating and numbing cream into my vagina.


They performed an analysis of my breathing and oxygen uptake where I had to breath into a tube. I had to do some physical work like cycling or running on a threadmill when the ECG and breathing analysis was performed.


They inspected the inside of my urethra and bladder with a scope. They used a speculum in my vagina. They took specimens from my vagina with a tube. They inspected my vagina with a scope.

They inspected my anus with a speculum. They took specimens from my anus with a tube. They inspected me through my anus with a rigid scope. They inspected me through my anus high up with a flexible scope. They performed a full colonoscopy with a flexible scope.

They inspected me through my vagina with an ultrasound probe. The doctor explored my vagina with a finger. The doctor explored my anus with a finger.


I just lay some time in a bed to recover. I was returned to a waiting area still naked. Some of the other children got clothing back but mine were never returned and I was left naked. We were returned to class me and two others who's cloths were lost remained naked till we were able to get back to the dorms.


It looks like selected girls and boys of the community in the prepubertal age got examined in a program with the purpose of assessing general condition and the health and development of the pelvic organa and lower digestive system. This program possibly had the purpose of general surveillance of the health, development and sexual status of prepubertal kids. But it could possibly have the purpose of assessing kids about whome the community had concerened.

Based on her selection of premade statements, it looks like the kid were asssambled in the hym hall of the school where the ondition testing got performed, and then bussed to some health center where a great many kids got examined internally at the same time.

It looks like the colthes of the kids got gathered for inspection and for taking specimen of material deposited in the clothes. By doing so they could find out a lot about the daily habits of the kids.

Possibly the staff lost or mixed up clothes of some kids so that they did not get them back, or they were taken for more thorough anatlysiss.


I attended public boarding school.