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Putin Ally: Vote for Trump or Face Nuclear War

Poll maker has it backwards. A vote for Trump makes war more likely.

Posted by Dazo on 2016-11-09 13:20:25

As you might have gathered from my poll on Obama I have never supported him but Obama has finally said something that I completely agree with.

"A man who cannot be trusted to handle his own twitter account cannot be trusted with nuclear launch codes!"

Obama's statement on Trump.

I hate to say it but I finaly have to agree with Obama on something.

PS I am right wing. (Although the British Right wing is extreme left wing by American standards)

Posted by Dazo on 2017-04-17 17:06:22

Last year in 2016 I told everyone that the maker of this poll had it backwards.

The poll maker says vote for trump of face Nuclear war.

I said Trump being president makes war more likely. We are now at 2 and a half minutes to midnight on the doomsday clock all thanks to President Donald Trump.

So saber rattling at China and North Korea is how Donald Trump tries to prevent war is it?

Donald Duck could have done a better job!