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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Topic Posts Last Poster Latest
Girl, 11yo, Colorado, abducted from camping for exams 8 Rowanlebsack 4 weeks
Bpy, 16yo, USA, abducted when going home for internal probing 1 Aquila 4 months
Boy, 12yo, abducted in the woods for intimate probing and testing 1 Aquila 1 year
Girl, 9yo, Cannada, Abducted with other girls for intrusive procedures 1 Aquila 1 year
Boy,16yo, Cannada, Abducted from hostel with other kids for medical experiments 1 Aquila 2 years
Girl, 16yo, Finland, Abducted and tested with other kids at a hike to a sauna 2 DianaCLowery 3 years
Brother 14yo and sister 13yo, Dorset, UK, abducted by a van for intimate tests 3 DianaCLowery 3 years
Girl 14, 17, Canada, abducted with parents for intrusive examinations 1 Aquila 4 years
Boy 15yo Kentucky abducted to aplace for intimate experiments 3 Aquila 4 years
Teenage kids, Australia, abducted from party for intrusive procedures 1 Aquila 4 years
Woman 31yo New Hampshire abducted from bedroom for testings 1 Aquila 4 years
Boy 13yo, Ontario, Canada, taken secretly at summer camp for intimate exams 2 Aquila 5 years
Main launch closed, but there is a new lauch you can use 1 Aquila 5 years
Girl, 9yo, Durban, abducted by alien-looking persons in a van 1 Aquila 7 years
Girl, 15yo and other kids abducted from home in the night for examinations 2 TheMaster56 7 years
Man, 22yo, Sussex, England, Paralyzed and inspected naked by beings in the woods 1 Aquila 7 years
Boy, 13yo, Canada, Abducted from summer camp cabin - provvaly by government 1 Aquila 7 years
Boy, 12yo, Texas, taken into UFO at camp for psycological processes 1 Aquila 7 years
Girl, 14yo, USA, abducted from creek where she camped with two friends 1 Aquila 7 years
Girl, 15yo, Southern Italy, tested and examined with other kids in a van 1 Aquila 7 years