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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Girl, 15yo, Southern Italy, tested and examined with other kids in a van

Posted by Aquila on 2017-02-27 22:18:09

Girl, 15yo, Southern Italy, tested and examined with other kids in a van

I am female. it happened in Southern Italy, 15, at a park where we liked to meet after school.


A strange van came towards me. Some alien-looking beings came out of the vehicle and approached me. The beings that came walked normally. A very long van drove up and opened up. The aliens had helmets on and suits covering whole bodies but several of them came out and called for us to enter the vehicle.

They had weird accents. The van was strange, didn't look like a normal van, and it had a lot room inside, plus lots of tubes and hoses.

They hypnotized me with a humming sound. They told that they came to help me and that I had to come along, and they made me willing.

They carried me along on a stretcher. They kept on bringing me into the door of the vehicle on a stretcher. They also took with them other persons, kids, and teenagers, together with me.

I dont know if youd call them stretchers, they were more flat pieces of thick material to lie on, they just told us all to lie on them and brought us inside the vehicle. They were able to stack some of us on top of each other with a foot of space in between.


They stripped me totally naked. They washed me. They made me sit on a toilet to empty my bladder and stomach. They let me sit waiting after the preparation at a sort of chair.

I saw kids and teenage people being prepared together with me. Other type of preparations: yes this was after the vehicle pulled into a place, but I didn't see the outside, we were taken directly in through an opening. It was dark inside with soft brown lighting and some other small red and orange lights around. there were lots of strangely-proportioned chairs but they were soft to sit on even though i was naked.

They took us all into a circular room and told us it was backwards and wrong that we were wearing clothes when nobody was forcing us to while just spending time at the park by ourselves. They said they would help us be more comfortable and cut our clothes off of us, then showed us how they destroyed them in a kind of shredding machine. they said this naked is how you should be when you can. then they took a kind of sponge brush like the end of a mop and wiped down our genitals to clean them. a few teens were embarrassed and blushed but if they tried to cover themselves they were told there was no need and everyone has seen it all.


They brought me into another room.

They talked with me and questioned me about my life and opinions. They let me see beautiful or funny pictures, videos or stagings and tested my reactions. They staged sexual scenes or handlings and tested my reactions. They monitored my reactions with devices on my head. They monitored my reactions with devices at different body parts. They tested my reaction with devices at my pelvic area, genitals or rectal zone. They stimulated me with electrodes at various body parts and tested my reactions. Some of the beings pretended to be my playmate and played together with me.

In addition to hoses or wires touching us, there were handheld devices pointed at us to get information. All the other kids and teens were being tested in the same room, in the same ways. They discussed at length all of our opinions about sex and naughty things and the human body, and tried to guide us to say positive things about them, but made a gesture whenever someone said they were inhibited and then another alien went off where i couldnt see, probably to record the information?

They had a kind of television and showed us a lot of different kinds of pictures and video of people having sex. some were older, some were very young. some appeared to be in this same facility. They said things like 'this is good, this is the right way to live, these people are happier because they make more love. They told us some of them were family members.

The testing room is the one I mentioned earlier with the nice soft chairs for us to sit in. I saw a few kids were sitting two to a chair, side by side or a girl in a boy's lap.


They looked at and felt on my head, face. mouth, eyes, ears and nose.

They put instruments into my ears. They put instruments into my mouth and down into my throut- I didn't mind this part, everyone was getting the same. They pointed their devices at our whole body so the head wasnt strange.


They looked and felt at my breast. They examined my breast with something like x-rays or ultrasound equipment. They looked and felt at my stomach. They looked and felt at my back.

They spent a lot of time touching and analyzing my breasts, asking if it felt good, telling me my breasts are very good and i should like having them. i blushed a lot and had trouble answering, but they prodded me to reply.


They looked at and felt at my limbs and joints. They tested my joints by bending, flexing, spreading and twisting my legs, arms, hands and feet in all thinkable direction.

They had me stand up and do a variety of poses, including touch my toes, spread my legs, squat, and lift up my rear. Everyone else was being examined the same, but i saw the older boys also being given a heavy object to lift to test their muscles.


They looked at and felt at my intimate area. They examined the outside of my genitals and pelvic area with something like x-ray or ultrasound equipment. They stuck something looking like an ultrasound sond into my vagina.

They examined my intimate zone in other ways, they had me sit back and spread my legs and told me they were going to make me feel very good. they spent a long time touching my figa and put a long object inside that expanded and contracted repeatedly. i got very embarrassed and couldn't talk, but they kept asking me to tell them it felt good and encouraged me to be as loud as i wanted if i had a climax. then i did, they mostly let me sit comfortably in the chair but gave lots of instructions during the exam to move this part this way, and so on.


At the end they took us into a new room and sat us down looking at each other, they instructed us to get good looks at everyones body, that it's silly to be embarrassed about it. they spent a lot of time encouraging us to have sexual feelings, and told us to go ahead and have fun with each other. at first nobody did but then they got a bit forceful and pushed some of us together, and most started having sex with each other. the others they encouraged to watch and to touch themselves. only one girl seemed too young to be very interested.

My brother was there and they pushed us together. I said he was my brother and we cant, but they ignored me and urged us to go on anyway. I started to feel more okay with it and got horny, and he blushed a lot but he went ahead anyway and held me and rubbed on me. One alien told me to help guide him inside me and i did as he asked. we both had an orgasm. afterwards they encouraged couples to stay inserted for a long time and not move apart.

The new room had a very soft white floor and was very spacious, with very quiet kind of music you could only barely hear, like one note for a long time then another. it smelled kind of good, i think they put a perfume in the air.


They had destroyed our clothes earlier and said when we get home we should not put any more clothes on unless we have to. they didn't wipe us down this time.","they just told us we had done well and we should keep doing sex things whenever we can, and said we should never use contraception but try to get pregnant as much as possible and as early as possible. they also encouraged us to let as many people see, to record on media if possible and spread it around.


They brought me back in the same way as they took me, they put us on the same flat platforms and put us back in the vehicle and drove us back to the park then let us out.


I felt tired and drawsy when I was back. Things I had on me were missing. Other symptoms when I was back: a few people were a little embarrassed but mostly we didn't care and just went home, and continued to meet in the park as usual after school. i noticed the other girls who had been abducted never wore underwear under their skirts anymore, and boys would touch them a lot more. I kept having sex with boys after that and i found it was uncomfortable to wear clothes so i started sleeping nude and staying naked in my room when i could, and just a robe around the house".


Somenbody examined abducted the kids and tested them psychologically, culturally, sexually and bodily. They could be aliens, but more probably it was a secret governmental project or a project managed by some underground government. In that case the beings were just humans in disguize. There is nothing in the encounter that is not possible by techiques available by governmental projects.

The lack of reactions from the parents or other when the kids went back naked, seems to indicate that this was a wider social experiment using mind-controle techiques.

It looks like the abductors wanted the kids to get pregnant and bear babies as soon as possible, possible because they had some interests in the chilren that were to be born.

Edited by: Knut Holt