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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Boy, 12yo, Texas, taken into UFO at camp for psycological processes

Posted by Aquila on 2017-04-15 11:29:10

Boy, 12yo, Texas, taken into alien areal vehicle for psychological processes

I am male, Texas, it happened when I was 12yo, at a Private camp.


I do not remember how the event began, but I remember what soon happened. I saw an alien-looking flying vehicle that approahced me.

It was a neon green brightly glowing disk illuminating entire area, slowly drifted and hovered over the picnic table. Dad was asleep and would not wake up. The disk had 2 protusions like blades from a food processor. It emitted sparks and sounded like many sparklers.

I felt like something happened while I was looking at it. Then it slowly drifted off and disapeared behind a hill.


All happend at the place I was. I did not remember any more thing happening in the first place. But since then, Iv'e had dreans to this day. The interior of the ship is completely plain with no instrumentation except soft illumination emitting from the dome.

No one was present. There was a single seat in the center with only a small slender stationary joystick on the right side.

Later dreams indicate that anything technical is microscopicly integrated into the inner skin of the craft. Levitation devices are sub-microscopicly integrated into the outer skin. I have no idea, so far, what powers this.

Dreams later, I can say that this craft is totaly operated by telephathy, that which isn't preprogramed. It would be impossible to fly it - unless they let you.

I do not remember that they tested me. This may or may not be part of it. When I die, I will be back in 2211. This should give you an idea of the level of technology they posses.

I cannot remember they examined my head or neck. I do not remember they examined my breast, stomach and back. Nothing physical happened so far as I am aware.

I do not remember they examined my limbs and joints. I cannot remember they examined my intimate zone. Again nothing happened that way.

I was totaly free to look around. Nothing but the chair to see. Nothing other than than the dreams telepathically dumped into my head.


I do not remember how I got out, but I woke up at the ground somewhere and walked back.

I jumped into the car noting that the interior lights did not turn on and went to sleep. Dad woke me up in the morning and everthing was normal. Chauked that up to a dream.


The news on the radio mentioned a power failure. I was not brought away.

That was more than 50 years ago. I still have dreams. It did encourage me to pursue engineering and my obsession with audio video recording.

After seeing the object, I was very sleepy and crawled into the car and went to sleep. I felt tired and drawsy when I was back.

Just reoccuring dreans. All pleasant, not nightmares. Some dreams are totalally unaltered reruns, others I had not seen before.


This is surely a happening that occured as remembered, and the dreams that pop up is probably memories from the event that have been repressed.

It is difficult to know how much more that happened that those things so far rememembered .

It seems like they experimented with the boy psychologically with waves directed at his nervous system and installed some information too in him this way. They may have made him unconscious that way too and brought him in and out of the craft, or took control of him and made him walk in and out. They obviously depressed the memory of what happened by some type of waves too.

But did aliens using an interdimmentional ship do this, or did the ship belong to a governmental project? If a ship jumps between levels in a dimmention one usually is noe aware of, this may cause bursts of energy that disturbe the electrical grid. The same can be said about governmental contraptions,using some exotic propulsion principle, but operate in a somewhat clupsy way.

It is impossible to decide surely, but the smoothness of deails and microtechnology points to something alien. Also the fact that he did not remember any physical exam as we usually think of it, points to an alien origin, since advanced aliens can surely look through a person with more advanced means.

Knut Holt