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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Brother 14yo and sister 13yo, Dorset, UK, abducted by a van for intimate tests

Posted by Aquila on 2019-04-25 11:44:55

Brother 14yo and sister 13yo abducted by a van for intimate examinations and testing

I am male. It happened at Dorset UK when I was 14, on the streets a few blocks from home A strange van came towards me. Some humans came out of the vehicle and approached me. The beings that came walked normally. The van was totally chrome silver the people were naked. I thought maybe they were naturists but they seemed odd somehow. They took my sister and I into this van (she's 2 years younger).

They hypnotized me with a humming sound. They told that they came to help me and that I had to come along and they made me willing. I walked along with them. They also took with them other persons, teenagers together with me. The lead woman was bald and had this thing on her wrist. She gestured at us and we just felt like we had to come with them. I just felt curious like all thought of danger was gone.


The van took us to a strange all-white facility. All the staff there were naked as well but my sister and I were the only kids there. I was brought into one or more preparation rooms and waiting rooms. They took our clothes off of us quickly and said we wouldn't need them and put what looked like a gas mask over our bits and told us to pee into them.

Then they gave us a full body washing with sponges including our hair then toweled us off with pure white towels that felt really soft like fleece.


I was kept in the same room as before before the tests.

They talked with me and questioned me about my life and opinions. They staged sexual scenes or handlings and tested my reactions. They showed us a lot of sex videos including gay and lesbian videos everyone in them was teens or younger. There wasn't any devices on us but they pointed small cameras at our genitals and said they were watching for reactions


Same room but we were sitting on a table together, close enough together that we were touching. For some reason I didn't feel embarrassed for my sister to see me naked and she wasn't covering herself either we just felt relaxed.

They examined my head and neck in other ways. They went through our hair as if looking for head lice but then gave us scalp massages I think? That's what it felt like. They rubbed something like a toothbrush behind my ears. They looked and felt at my breast. They looked and felt at my stomach. They spent a lot of time rubbing my chest more than they did my sister which I thought was weird since I'm a boy They looked at and felt at my limbs and joints.

They tested my joints by bending flexing spreading and twisting my legs arms hands and feet in all thinkable direction. They moved our body parts around a lot to check for flexibility I guess, and spent a very long time on our inner thighs just rubbing them


They looked at and felt at my intimate area. They spent the longest time examining our genitals, putting a camera on each of us as they did it and putting that up on the screen for us to watch each other. They made a big deal about our reactions to seeing each other, and told how important it is to get reactions like hardening and secretions for a girl, though all of them seemed calm and didn't look aroused.

They had us lie down on a cushion on the floor and instructed us to have sexual acts with each other.


Same room but they brought the cushion in and moved the table away They didn't give us our clothes back but dropped us off at the seaside in the same way as they took me.

We just stayed at the seaside bare for a while it was a couple hours before we started feeling normal again and realized what we'd done and that we were naked. I felt tired and drawsy when I was back. Just sleepy for a while slept 12 hours that night. My sister said she felt the same way I've tried to talk to some friends about whether they do something similar with family but it's hard to bring up.


These kids were abducted by a governmental project with the purpose of investigating the satus of teens in the society. Highly probable the child protected services was involved in the project. These services tend to bring children into illegal acts with the excuse of performing necessary investigations.

From the account it looks like they took several teenagers with them in the van, but that they were tested two together at the center they were taken too.

While abducted they examined their development stage, took specimens from their body parts, tested their social reactions and sexual reactions, and investigated their daily habits.

Boys have special reactions in their breasts during puberty, including swallen glands. This makes the examination of the breasts of the boy logical.

The people that did these things were probably not naked, but more probably wore body-colored thight suits. The kids were subjected to electromagnetic techniques during the abduction process so that they got easy to lead and so that their senses and memory got impaired.

Such secret electromagnetic control techniques have been developed through secret progects (MKULTRA and the like) and since long been used to control people in certain situations. The techiques are of a kind that makes it possible to lead a fairly large crowd of people along without them questioning purpose and legality and making objections.

Even though they do not tell it or remember clearly, they probably had their clothes with them afterwords at the seaside, and they were probably surveilled until they had taken their clothes on again and got home.

Knut Holt


Posted by DianaCLowery on 2020-10-13 09:56:43

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